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Close Coupled Toilet Five Best Toilet Ideas For Your Bathroom

The bathrooms are an important part of every house, and no bathroom is complete without a lavatory. Perhaps, you have redesigned your bathroom and are looking to give it a luxurious appeal.  In such a situation, a Close Coupled toilet with modernity and functionality come quite in handy.  If you are looking for ideas to turn your bathroom into a glamorous and practical space, don’t worry about what you have covered.

Following are the five best toilet ideas to make your bathroom more modern, enjoyable, and sufficient.

Close Coupled ToiletPeak Rimless Close Coupled Toilet and Soft Close Seat with Cistern

What could be better than the Lavatory, which features comfort with style? This commode has a design that provides maximum comfort and caters to all your bathroom needs. Featuring a one-piece design, the Peak Rimless Close Coupled toilet makes cleaning easy and hassle-free. It also comes with a powerful Aqua Piston Canister that creates strong water flow from all sides. Its tank and bowl are the perfect style with precision, designed to create a strong siphon during flushing.

Crosby Rimless BTW Back To Wall Toilet 

If flushing sounds make you feel uncomfortable, then the Crosby Rimless Back to Wall Toilet 0.8 GPF Toilet is perfect for you. It features a powerful, ultra-quiet, and water-conserving flush that evacuates the bowl thoroughly by using just 0.8 gallons, which makes this Commode more efficient than the rest. This pan’s highly glazed surface makes it look cleaner and prevents the growth of bacteria.

Rimless Close Coupled Square Toilet With Seat, Cistern & Fixing Kit - EliteBreeze Short Projection Wall Hung Rimless Toilet with Slim Soft Close Seat

People are looking for latrines that can fit in any space where the ordinary commute can’t consider the all-new modern compact Lavatory that is unique in its regard.  It is packed with a macerator installed in places where a gravity drain is not possible. This Commode can be placed in attics, basements, garages, or any place if you have a connection for its water supply nearby. If you have limited space for a restroom and want water conservation, then this will be quite suitable for you.

Turin Hale Black Bathroom WC Unit and Back to Wall Toilet Unit 

Modern bathrooms come with modern accessories, and the Turin Hale Black Bathroom WC Unit bathroom-hardware Cotton White new toilet is the best. It comes along with remote control and a hands-free automatic flush making it convenient for you. This bowl is perfect in winters as it features a heated seat with temperature control.

Skye Short Projection Back To Wall Rimless Toilet Pan 

Fans of minimalism should consider Skye Short Projection Back To Wall Rimless Pan. It offers a good minimalistic look to your bathroom. Featuring sleek lines with a porcelain framework, this Lavatory is quite aesthetic. It includes a twin flush system letting you have double alternatives for flushing as well as a soft seat to cater to your comfort needs.  Consider these lavatories when you want to turn your bathroom into an immaculate and contemporary haven. By given their utility and luxury, these lavatories are a wonderful fusion of all you require in a bathroom.

toiletsChoose Bathroom Toilet Type Wisely.

The first thing that plays an important role in maintaining toilet hygiene is its design. The bathroom toilet is available in different styles. So, you should choose a style that can help you in keeping it clean. For example, there is close coupled toilet and BTW and Wall mounted, etc. Any design that has fewer awkward nooks and crannies will be helpful in avoiding the accumulation of dirt and limescale. In addition to that, there are compact toilets that are a space saver. So, that has less surface to keep clean. Due to their simple designs and small size, these space-saving designs are perfect for hygiene purposes as well. These also include a wall-mounted BTW design, which has its cistern hidden inside the wall. As a result, you only have a bowl outside that requires cleaning.

Prefer Rimless Bathroom Toilet.

The rimless design is the latest innovation that is developed to solve a long-sought problem of dirt and grime accumulation. Most of the toilet which had rims to facilitate the water flush system was difficult to clean inside the under edges. Due to consistent damp rims which were not cleaned, these easily become hotspots for bacterial, dirt and limescale to accumulate. The modern toilets are now available without rims which are easy to clean due to their simple shape. So, choosing these rimless toilets will be helpful in keeping the bathroom clean.

Look for a Bathroom Toilet with a Direct and Dual Flush System.

Modern new toilets, especially the ones without rims, usually have a direct and dual flush system. In a rimless design, the water does not go through from the rims-only area but evenly distributes from all sides. Due to such distribution, the water flow turns to be more powerful and clean the toilet from all sides. In addition to that, a dual flush system allows you to choose between two quantities of water to flush the waste away. It is also usually a powerful flushing system and helps you conserve water too.

Follow A Regular Cleaning Routine.

In case you follow the previous tips and choose the design and type wisely, the toilet will require cleaning less often. However, you still need to follow a regular cleaning routine to maintain bathroom hygiene. It is especially important if it is a family bathroom, and many people are using it. The major benefit of following a regular routine would be that you will only need a few minutes to clean the toilet, so no grime accumulates. The few minutes of cleaning every minute will be a perfect way to ensure your toilet remains clean and fresh every time you use it.

Importance of Choosing the Right Bathroom Toilets

You may be confused why you should be so much concerned about choosing the right bathroom toilets. The answer is simple. You don’t want to have discomfort. Even if you go for the most basic close coupled toilet, minor changes the bowl decides can ruin your comfort of using it. Secondly is aesthetics. It is important that your toilet matches the overall styles and design. Therefore, you should make sure they choose the style of the toilet accordingly. 

What Bathroom Toilets Choices You Have?

You may come across various choices for the bathroom toilets. However, all these choices are different variations of the following types.

  • Close Coupled ToiletThe most popular choice in the UK and around the world, the close-coupled are the type where the bowl and cistern join together where it seems that cistern is sitting on the bowl. These are simple to install and maintain. In addition to that, these are also the most cost-effective units as well. Virtually, you can fit this style in any toilet as it doesn’t require many problems. The simple connection makes it possible to quickly install it wherever inlet and outlets are available. Generally, these come in two styles, as discussed as follows. 

Contemporary Close Coupled Toilets. Although the type itself is not new, the manufacturer has made various changes in the shape to make it a suitable choice for contemporary bathrooms. With sharp lines and edges, these toilets look beautiful and loaded with many modern features. 

Traditional close coupled back to wall toilet. In case you are interested in the traditional shape from the bygone era, then there is a certain type of traditional design of these close coupled toilets that are also available. These usually have a different handle on cisterns with round shape bowls and cisterns. 

  • Back To Wall Toilets.  A relatively newer type of toilet that is generally loved for its cleaner look. You have two separate parts of these toilets with a bowl and cistern that can be bought separately. The cistern and other plumbing work remain invisible inside the WC unit and behind the wall. We recommend it for a contemporary bathroom. However, with the choice of the right toilet pan, you can also use them with traditional toilets. 
  • Wall Hung Toilet.   The most modern and luxurious type that features a minimalist design, these toilets have their pans hung on the wall. The cistern always conceals inside the wall. Not only are these contemporary, but they also make your bathroom look spacious. It makes it a top choice for cloakrooms and small bathrooms. It can also be installed in larger spaces due to its attractive look. 

Browse Toilet at Royal Bathrooms UK

In the last section, we have reviewed the few best toilet options available in the market. To decide on the lavatory for your bathroom, you must choose a suitable restroom with a good shape and the latest features. The most important modern features include a rimless design and a dual flush system. All of the previously discuss brands have various shapes that are loaded with all the modern features. If you are looking for high-quality latrines for your bathroom, then you can check our website for all the above-discussed brands. We have an extensive range of all types of bathroom accessories available at a reduced price.

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