Custom Cigarette boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes are available in the market these days. These are not only accessible in numerous sizes but many brands offer custom cigarette boxes. They are not only limited to sizes but shapes and are even available in multiple colors as well. A variety of materials is used to create such boxes.

Paperboard box

The normally used material to create these boxes is paperboard. The high-quality material used for cigarette packs. It is the most cheapest and durable material that has a lot of qualities. after its life completed this box is eco friendly and not only easy to use. Anyone can throw it without considering the harm caused by these boxes to the environment.

There are further 2 classes of paperboard boxes. Both types are given below:-

-Hard paper Box
-Soft paper Box

Hard paper cigarette pack

These are the less used thick layered packed. That is used frequently. It contains the hard stable box inside the pack. These packs provide relatively more security to cigarettes when the pack is put inside the pocket. This is famous because of many reasons. Particularly due to its appearance. It has a logo on top of it. The custom printed boxes attract the users by their look.

Soft paper packs

These are the type of box that is comparatively thin. Mainly produced from thin paper. This is not the smarter option and can not be used mostly. Because it causes damage to a cigarette. But it has some benefits too as this contains fewer cigarettes in it so does not need any extra space in the pocket. You can easily place it inside the pocket. They don’t have the upper separate lids so hence also prove to be convenient.


There is a variety of types of cigarette box packaging in the market they vary from personalized custom boxes to wholesales boxes. Some types that were trendy and widely used these days are listed below:

Personal custom box

These are the special boxes with a variety of options in them. Customer can print their brand name and logo according to their desire on these boxes. Brands hire a special designer that understands the need and demands of users and designs high-quality boxes.

The customer always wants a design that is unique cool and as well as beautiful. Apart from the style, the quality is mandatory. These boxes are prepared in high quality as per the user’s demands. Some business these day produces such boxes in various material hence providing ease to the user.

Foil boxes

The type of boxes that has mechanical strength. This box has foil material that can keep the smell of a cigarette in itself. It has protective properties. This type of box has the quality that it provides a shield against air, moisture, light, and odor. Hence proved to be the best type of cigarette package. It has amazing properties that it can not harm even a single cigarette inside the box.

Even some campiness import it throughout the word. And there is no single complaint of damage. So this is an excellent packaging type everyone can say that. Such a type of box with an inner foil layer is also helpful to promote a brand. These are considered as compliments for the product inside them like a cigarette. Similarly, if you are looking for a cigarette pack at a cheap rate then a foil box is an excellent option.

Sleeve cigarette boxes

A lot of shapes and structured sleeve cigarette boxes are available on numerous websites as well as at stores. Many brands offer the customer choose designs with a lot of design options available by them. Not only the design of box display and accessible by them. But customers can provide the design of their own choice and own created and companies built accordingly. There are front window cut style sleeve boxes accessible in the market these days. These are not only good-looking and appealing to customers but track the customers to purchase it without any further delay and thinking.

This option makes boxes more stylish and helps to boost the cigarette business in the market. Some campiness also offers the additional printing option with these unique and stylish types of boxes. That helps these boxes to provide the feel of communication with the clients. Clients can print any information on the front of these boxes and hence prove to be an excellent option for business.

Cardboard material pack

Cardboard is the most frequently and widely used material because of its hundreds of benefits not only as a material itself but also related to manufacturing and handling. This box has the highlighted quality that it is the cheapest and most lightweight box that anyone can carry into his pocket. A cigarette is an item that everyone used these days. Either a girl or a boy. Any young person or old man. It became a necessity as we as the fashion for our nation as well as other nations.

No one can deny this fact. But at the same time as its need increases the market became more competitive regarding its manufacturing. Everyone has to struggle with unique ideas of boxes and packs to stand in the market. It’s not like the ordinary pack will also run it not like a piece of cake. The cardboard box has the benefit that it is not oy reusable but also biodegradable. In recent times many companies built a variety of shapes of cardboard boxes like square, round, vertical as well as window cut styles. They all packs look amazing and eye-catching for smokers.

Paper packs

The most economical type pack of cigarette packaging. it is used widely as of the quality that paper box has low weight but high strong strength to keep product save inside it. This is an eco-friendly material that can be used easily in huge amounts. In the market these days the colorful paper cigarette boxes available that becoming the most trendy boxes these days.

Different manufacturers offer clients a variety of color combination that looks appealing to smokers. That type of box with colorful printing on it looks classy to the users. These boxes are easy to deliver from one locality to another.

Firm packing box

A cigarette is an item that needs special attention during shipping from city to city as well as area to area. Thus their packaging proved to be an elementary point that can not be ignored at any cost. Firm boxes are a good choice if you look for good business options. Such types of rigid boxes are best use as gift items currently. Many companies provide the options of quotes written on these boxes that make them more special. And these look like a gift for special people.

Famous box brands take care of many elements that enhance these boxes’ looks. One of the main is the clarity of the text. Text printed on these firm boxes should be clear and easy to read. It not only makes the brand name famous but also set the image of the company in the market. These rigid boxes are widely used by high-class smokers as they looked classy and hence look like decorative items on a table. All brands these days focus on green boxes. As they are environmentally safe. So if you are looking for a brand must keep this point in your mind.

Cigarette boxes wholesale

Almost all the manufacturers offer the wholesale of their cigarette boxes and packs. It means they are accessible at a price that is much lesser than the market rate. It has benefits to both the manufacturers as well as clients. The producers are enabled to sell their boxes in bulk form and in large quantities. At the same time, clients can get it at a lower rate. Being a retailer or a customer of the cigarette boxes you are always looking for such packs that are economical thus this proved to be the best option. If you purchase the boxes must deal with them at a wholesale rate.

Companies of box making have such an amazing advanced machines that can create hundreds of boxes at a time. So this is time-saving and the producer can deliver boxes at a time with minimum labor. These brands also promise to deliver boxes to the doorstep. So there is no way to think before ordering these boxes. Hence cigarette boxes wholesale business provides the best interface for interaction between customers as well as producers. Such type of sale of boxes has a lot of benefits including:

-These provide good access to boxes throughout the market
-Minimize the buyer’s traveling and transportation costs as a buyer can purchase the bulk of boxes at a time.
-Simultaneously Helpful regarding the huge geographical access of boxes with minimum effort.
It-Beneficial for box producers as providing a reasonable amount of boxes to buyers for resale.
-The most important proves to be the most demanding method for box business into the market.

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