Check Out the All-New SS2 2” LED Light Pods from Diode Dynamics

Check Out the All-New SS2 2” LED Light Pods from Diode Dynamics

Auxiliary lighting is more important in some situations than others. If you never leave the road, you might find your headlights full adequate to meet your needs almost all of the time. However, if you enjoy the sport of off roading or exploring trails, then a little bit of additional lighting can go a long way. It will not only give you the upper hand in the woods, but it will improve the safety of the recreational pursuit.

It’s hard to beat a light bar like one of Diode Dynamics’ Stage Series bars, which are thoughtfully designed with superior optical technology and outlines. They are not only better focused and brighter than competitive equivalents, but they can be purchased along with mounts that will require you to make no appreciable modifications to your vehicle. They also fit into places that most other larger, wider light bars will not.

However tough it can be to outclass them, if you’re looking for a discrete yet immensely practical solution for auxiliary lighting, you can’t go wrong with Diode Dynamics’ all-new SS2 2” LED Light Pods, available in a number of standard backlight options.

Smaller and serviceable in situations in which an LED light bar would not fit or be practical, these LED pods come with superior optics, a variety of functional beam patterns and rugged components. Best of all, they mount easily almost anywhere on your vehicle with the right hardware or mounting kits, also available at Diode Dynamics.

These pods are housed in a durable, powder coated aluminum construction and are extremely tough. They have been extensively tested in order to ensure their operability in a wide range of temperatures from -40 to almost 200 Fahrenheit, and they are resistant to vibration, corrosion and moisture intrusion as well.

With Diode Dynamics’ own Total Internal Reflection or TIR optics, these LED pods are much more efficient than anything else you can find. Unlike a simple cupped reflector that loses a lot of light to scattering and glare, their TIR optics direct and focus all of the light output exactly where you need it. It is clearer, better focused, and appears brighter than lights even of equivalent luminosity ratings.

These compact light pods also come with a variety of useful beam patterns, including a driving pattern, a flood pattern, a fog pattern, a combo pattern and a spotlight pattern. The driving pattern is a useful supplement to your headlights and high beams, whereas the fog pattern, with its extremely wide and low spread, is ideal for offering enhanced visibility while driving slowly through adverse conditions.

To that end, they are available not only in white but also in yellow, and unlike some other “yellow” LEDs available today, ours produce a warm, rich amber light with no greenish tint. This is because their white LEDs are a pure white with no blue – so when they cover the LED with a yellow lens, the resulting output is a pure, true yellow.

These compact LED light pods also come with backlight functionality – you can choose between white, amber red or blue, and they are easy to wire and mount as well. They come with bare leads, so you can wire yourself or use a Deutsch DT wire harness.

If you want to learn more about these particular LED pods, check out the link above which will take you to their featured product page on Alternatively, you could get directly in touch with Diode Dynamics’ customer service team. Send them an email at or call them up at 314-205-3033.

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