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Change Instagram Location !

How to Add and Change Instagram Location?

Instagram allows you to host your personal information. When necessary, it makes it possible to share some more personal information such as phone-location-e-mail information, which are necessary for communication. If you are looking for an answer to the question of how to add a location to your Instagram profile , we would like to say right away that this feature is for business accounts rather than personal accounts. If you have a personal account, you should first switch to a business account.

We want to start by introducing what a business account is. We will be covering topics such as what is switching to an Instagram business account, how it happens, in our next heading. In short, we can define the business account as a profile that you can use professionally for your commercial business outside of your profile account. Especially popular with Instagram, the business account is preferred by many businesses.

Thanks to the business account, you can get various benefits. For example, you gain access to information that is not included in personal account information such as how many people viewed the posts in your account. Thanks to this type of information, you can make your posts more consciously while doing. After switching to a business account, you can of course return to your personal account. There is no limitation for this.

We don’t want to answer every question about business account. However, another curiosity is about opening an Instagram business account. Can an unlimited number of business accounts be opened? Usually, businesses that are engaged in different niche areas ask this question. Businesses that open different accounts to sell different products can of course create different number of business accounts they want to best suit their situation.

How to Switch to an Instagram Business Account?

Now we know what a business account is. We also learned that the business account may contain more specific information such as various location information or contact information that we have specified in the title. Now, we will answer the question of how to switch to an Instagram business account through your personal account . If you wish, you can open it from scratch or log in to the business account from your personal account by following these steps:

In order to create your business account, you must first create a membership on Facebook.

When you switch to business account, the server will redirect you to the Facebook page.

You will enter your required information from this field and be connected to your business account.

Once you log into your business account, you are now starting to create a profile.

Some of your information will be requested. You will need to enter your e-mail and phone information in this field.

This way, you will be logged into the Instagram business account. And once you have provided your required contact information or location information in your business account, you will see that the necessary information will now appear on your profile. If you want to log into your personal account again, you can switch back to the personal account from the profile settings.

What is Instagram Adding New Location?

It is also a matter of curiosity how to add a new location on Instagram without a business account . If you want to add a location for your shares, not for your commercial account, you can complete the process of adding a new location in just 2 steps thanks to the updates:

To add a new location, you must first log in via Facebook. After logging in to Facebook, you should have opened your location. With your location open, you can create a new location address. In the search bar, we say “add” by making your new location name.

As the second step, you log into Instagram and place the location details you have just entered in the location reporting area while making your posts here.

There is no restriction on how your location information will be. So you don’t just have to add a business location. If you wish, you can add an interesting but imaginary location as many users have done. The location that will appear under your posts may even be an absurd post like “the bottom of hell”. We would like to state that you are free to add location to Instagram . However, we would like to add that in some cases, although location is added, we may encounter problems such as not showing locations in posts. In such cases, you can apply the following solutions:

If you have determined a very remote location, Instagram or Facebook may not accept this choice.

Try to create a real category. Categories created for fake entertainment purposes may not be taken seriously, so to speak.

Try to test your new location on Facebook first and see if it works.

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