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Recently, CCTV “Weekly Quality Report” pointed out that the home navigation products, the passing charge of less than 30%, although a little “cliche”, however the facts nonetheless has aroused extremely good difficulty of.
Recently, CCTV “Weekly Quality Report” pointed out that the domestic navigation products, the passing fee of less than 30%, though a little “cliche”, however the records nevertheless has aroused remarkable situation of the satisfactory of the vehicle navigation. An essential tool in guiding Why emerge as a deceptive direction of the “culprit”, the proprietors and how to avoid the traps of the high-quality of the vehicle navigation Although the improvement of domestic vehicle enterprise is in full swing, getting into the “nirvana” and shape a true trade order, but as an essential basis of the automotive enterprise – the automobile electronics industry is still in a state of cohabitation.
The navigation is in latest years, emerging automotive electronics, industrial development is immature, however market demand is growing. The case of the surge in market demand, more and more manufacturers started to pour into the navigation market, which brought on many navigation company combined phenomenon, a great phase of the manufacturer are OEM products, electronics manufacturing unit transformation of the original OEM MP4 participant production, paste on the unique brands on the market. Tracking world is an official Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partner of Honda Pakistan. TOYOTA, SUZUKI, FAW, HINO, etc are continuously installing our Solutions in their vehicles in Pakistan.
These products have a tendency to work extraordinarily rough, the serious trouble of homogenization, the after-sales service is no longer perfect. A range of low-end cottage navigation device market is flooded and the charge war, which makes navigation market to extra confusion. Navigation systems as a tool for guiding the positioning and navigation accuracy is an important parameter to measure the best of the navigator.

The majority navigation product positioning in the market slow, low accuracy and difficult to way finding and navigation merchandise car DVD and automobile GPS with white owners detour leads to unreasonable and even dangerous sections. Positioning accuracy of the navigator, the avenue network is pretty dense city areas, the navigator cannot become aware of the left and right lane viaduct “interchange site visitors separation schemes, however many low-end navigation products on the market are” positioning accuracy “virtual challenge of the phenomenon, do virtual Nongjia direct confusion to misinform the purchaser choice.

Although the range of domestic company engaged in the development of navigation products, however most of them do no longer guide the technology, tools and brand capital “screwdriver factories”, these do now not have the technical energy of the core elements of the plant are usually brand products have been eliminated chips or good sized use of inferior substances or components used on the market on the pounds, stated to use these parts for easy assembly, and “cloned” into a brand-name fashions into the market, and competition in the market at an inexpensive price. Consumers recognize the reality it is handy to be deceived, to purchase the products of inferior pleasant navigation products. Issues continue now not only all through use of these navigation products, life expectancy is shorter than the company private at least half of serious and even damage consumers’ fitness and safety.

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