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Cancer Rising Sign

Cancer Rising people are the gentle soul who finds comfort in their homes and values their mothers the most. This is because they are very close to their mothers and often find it disturbing to shift away from home. As the sign comes under the Water element, these people easily catch others’ energy, which significantly affects their mood.

When in social stations, Cancerians are the ones who are usually shy and take their time to open up. They get to know their surroundings gradually before getting comfortable in the environment. The vibe of the environment is most important to a Cancerian because he or she would react accordingly.

Their priority is to protect themselves or to hide their vulnerable side. They don’t easily get frank with people until they are sure; the crabs stay hidden in their shells until they are so confident about what is outside.

However, when a Cancerian gets friendly and comfortable, they become the best person and support their close ones to the fullest. They have this motherly energy that makes them nurture anything they touch or any person they meet. Being a water sign, they are also very emotional; the woman you see crying easily and genuinely might be a Cancerian.

When in a relationship, they give their fullest to their person and expect nothing but loyalty from their better half. More than physical intimacy, emotional security is important to them. However, like a kid, they need reassurances often that their partner loves them and only them. That is why Cancer doesn’t survive in a relationship with just any sign but only with the one who can understand all their emotions, mood swings, and everything in between.

In marriage, they are responsible individuals who always take good care of their home. They are givers by nature and expect that their partner understands their insecurities and tides of emotions. They also value financial stability as it helps make their home a more secure place; they need a habitat where to relax and have some mental peace, so they can be all ready for the next day.

Cancerians are majorly good listeners; they would be there when their partner needs them. They are sympathetic and understand a situation very well as it is happening to them. Cancerians are interested in history, and hence they may find genealogy a subject of their choice. They are also a collector of things; you may find many vintage things or antiques at their home; though they don’t value luxurious items much.

In a professional environment, a Cancerian may feel it anxious; they may become vulnerable as they are not very fond of new people or crowd. However, they know well how to hide their vulnerable side, and once they get used to the environment, they find it more pleasant being at their workplace. Due to this anxiety, they may often be doubted by other entities whether they would be able to handle the job or not. They may not be good at hiding their vulnerabilities all the time, but still, they try it, forcefully if they have to.

Ascendant in Cancer Man

A Cancerian man stays mostly on the emotional side as he understands sentiments than any other sign. He might seem a soft personality and a sensitive person who is more attached to his mother. He may also be dependent on his mother for some decisions.

A Caner man in marriage may look for motherly instincts in his mistress. Their wives have to accept the fact that they value their mother more than anything in the world.

Ascendant in Cancer Woman

A Cancerian woman is like having the depth of an ocean, and her heart is full of sympathy for every living being. She is full of maternal instincts, and hence these women also make great housewives. They are very emotional and may cry like an innocent kid at times when others generally don’t.

Ascendant in Cancer Child

A child with an ascendant in Cancer needs his mother to love him truly. He may get hurt easily and very touchy for certain things. He may also be a keeper of secrets since he doesn’t trust everyone. Fairy tales, poems, magic, love, all these things attract him easily.

The rising sign generally tells a lot about a person as it is the first sign that rises on the horizon at the time of your birth. So if you also want to know your exact ascendant, try this free Rising Sign Calculator.

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