Can People Get a Job After Passing the CCNP Certification Exams?

Can people get a job after passing the CCNP certification exams? Many people apply for the CCNP certification basically because they want to enhance their competitiveness so that they can be more popular in the industry market, find better jobs, and get higher pay. Many people will think about whether getting the certificate will help their personal career before they sign up for the certification exams. For example, many network engineers want to apply for the senior level Cisco certification – CCNP, so they usually wonder whether obtaining the CCNP certificate will be helpful to their work and whether they can get a job after passing the CCNP certification exams.

The main reason why people consider whether they can find a job after passing the CCNP certification exams is that they want to know the value of this certificate. So we want to talk about the value of CCNP. CCNP is not the highest level of Cisco certifications, so the value of CCNP is certainly not comparable to that of CCIE, but the value of CCNP does exist. And the value of CCNP has been increased to some extent since the last reform of Cisco certification system. Why do we say that? Because a big change in the last reform of Cisco certification system is that the new CCNP exam is divided into core exam and optional exam, and the core exam is the same as the written exam in the corresponding direction of CCIE. In other words, after you pass the core exam of CCNP, you can choose to pass the optional exam to become a CCNP, or you can directly study CCIE experiment and try to pass CCIE experiment exam to become a CCIE. While the flexibility is greatly improved, the value of CCNP is also affirmed.

Can obtaining the CCNP certificate help to find a job?

In fact, the CCNP certificate is certainly helpful to find a job. But it is wrong to entirely attribute the job availability to CCNP. What does that mean? Put simply, there are many factors that affect whether you can find a job or not. You can’t say that a CCNP can always find a job, or that you can’t find a job without the CCNP certificate.

Now the Cisco certification is highly recognized by the Internet industry. If you get the CCNP certificate, then you can easily prove your ability. After all, you have Cisco behind your back. Of course, this is under the condition that you really have the technical value instead of being only able to finish the exam papers.

The CCNP certificate can be the icing on the cake for a network engineer. For the Internet industry, capability and skills are the most critical factors. There are many factors that affect whether a CCNP can find a job or not. You can’t directly say that if you are a CCNP, you will definitely find a job. After all, when a company recruits partners, it considers many aspects. And capability is the key factor. In addition, it also takes into account candidates’ personal character, values, and so on.

Can people get a job after passing the CCNP certification exams?

This is not an either-or question because there are too many factors taking effect. However, it is certain that obtaining the CCNP certificate is helpful to find a job. If you want to go further in this industry, SPOTO suggests that you apply for the CCIE certification. Because the value of this certification is higher. Obtaining the CCIE certificate can prove your technical ability because its experiment exam is not so easy.

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