Buy Custom Knives To Get The Most Functionality From Your Knife

Buy Custom Knives To Get The Most Functionality From Your Knife

There are lots of ways you can customize a knife to get the best look, feel and function from it. There are also many knives out there that have been extensively field-tested to ensure dependability and quality fit and finish for comfort. Even so, one of the best ways to get the best comfort and function from a knife you intend to use heavily in the field is to customize every aspect of it. The custom knife builder at The Knife Connection lets you do just that, and when you customize every component of a knife you’ll have a finished product that really fits you. If you Buy Custom Knives, you’ll have an overall enhanced user experience and that translates to comfort and efficiency in the field.

Take a knife like the ESEE Izula II model that is frequently found without scales (users like to wrap the tang in paracord). The bare tang of a knife can be a sharp and uncomfortable experience for the hands of a bushcrafter, especially when exerting any force on the tool. Building a custom Izula II with The Knife Connection’s Knife Builder will solve this problem – and many others.

The Knife Builder at The Knife Connection lets you start with a blade blank and customize many aspects for increased style and comfort. With the Izula II mentioned above, you can start with a blank and choose the coating you want for the blade. It’s more than a matter of aesthetics because it helps to protect the blade from corrosion, although it could be said that the absence of polished steel can help conceal you when you want to stay hidden.

The Knife Connection’s Knife Builder lets you choose the scales you want to pair with the knife, which will give you much more comfort and better grip when using the knife. Pick the color and pattern of handle you want – drab for camouflage or bright so that you can’t lose the knife. Either way, it’s only the beginning of the customization that will tailor the knife to your use.

Then you can also pick a sheath for your custom knife. The Knife Connection makes it easy for you to pick a molded sheath that will offer superior blade retention, although you can also find customized leather sheaths from them for the same model. You can move on from there to find sheath backers and clip plates to further tailor the knife to you and make it fit you fully.

Once you’ve customized the actual knife and sheath you can add accessories to the package to make a system out of the whole deal. The Knife Connection allows you to add FireSteel loops, FireSteels, sharpeners and even paracord to the whole package. You can end up with a system from which you can make fire, lashings, and even keep your knife sharp. That’s not even to mention the fact that your particular knife will be one of a kind.

These are a few reasons that people buy custom knives, and The Knife Connection simply makes it easy for them to do it. With a custom knife, you’ll have a knife that fits you better, is more comfortable to use and comes with all of the accessories you could need. That’s not even to say anything about the excellent customer service with which The Knife Connection will treat you. Just visit their site at or give them a call at 1-866-336-2834 to talk to them about their Custom Knife Builder. They’re helpful, friendly and know their products.

For more information about Great Eastern Cutlery Knives and Zero Tolerance Knives Please visit: The Knife Connection.

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