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Best Yoga Poses to Lose Weight fast at home

Best Yoga Poses to Lose Weight fast at home

If your conversations revolve around “Nothing works!”, but I want, I definitely want, “need to lose my weight.”, or “I want to lose weight – badly and quickly!” I have tried myriad forms of diets many times, traipsed through bountiful videos, and buried my head under never-ending listless to get my dream of transforming my saggy body into fit and smart.

Guess what? None of them worked, and I am glad that they didn’t work; you would think that why I am saying this, for I wouldn’t have turned to yoga. If you asked, I will say yes, I lost my weight – tons of it.




Best-Easy-Yoga-Poses-To-Lose-Weight- fast- at -home

Let’s now talk about a few yoga possess that help builds your muscle strength, tone your body, and help you lose weight even at your home. But it’s true, we can do it perfectly in the checking of a trainer but here is a solution that you can watch videos of it and do same possess as telling in the videos of YOG


Yoga possess To Get Back your body In Shape

Given here are the effective yoga possess for each body part to lose weight fast at home and keep your body fit:


A. Yoga for Facial Fat

B. Yoga for the Arms

C . Yoga For the Shoulders and Upper Back

D. Yoga for the Thighs

E. Yoga for The Hip


A. Yoga for Facial Fat (Approx. 2 minutes)

  Simhasana (Lion Pose)

This asana is known to tone facial muscles and is good to buster stress levels too. It is a basic pose, and anyone can do it easily even at home, irrespective of their age. When you sit in the Lion Pose to do this pose and stick your tongue out, your facial muscles, along with the thorax and spine, are stretched.

There are absolutely no potentials risks, doing this pose. If you have trouble sitting in this pose, you can sit on a chair and can do the asana easily.

Lose Weight

B. Yoga Pose for the Arms (Approx. 5-6 minutes)

  Adho Mukha Svanasana- Yoga for Weight Loss fast at home

 – Downward Dog Pose

The Adho Mukha Svanasana is a weight-bearing pose according to experts. To do this pose ,You need to position your upper body on your hands. It is an excellent way to tone your arms and biceps easily and fast at home.

Important Note: Do not do this asana if you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, it may be harmful for you.

Lose Weight

C. Yoga for the Shoulders and Upper Back (Approx. 4-6 minutes)

  Bharadvajasana- Yoga for Weight Loss weight fast at home

 – Seated Twist Pose (Also known as)

The asana involves a deep twist and also is an intermediary level poses that anyone can easily master with practice at d0 it easily at home. This pose improves the natural flexibility of your upper body, improves digestion, and increases shoulders’ flexibility and loss weight fast.

But be careful if you have any issues with the knees, hips, or spine.

Lose Weight

Ardha Matsyendrasan – Yoga for Weight Loss


This pose requires you to move your shoulder, neck, and spine in unison, for doing it perfectly. The intense twist (one side at a time) helps in toning your body sides, your upper body, as well as the abdominal muscles.

Note that, Be careful if you have problems with the back or spine.

Weight lose

D. Yoga For The Thighs (Approx. 6-8 minutes)

Baddha Konasana – Cobbler Pose


The Cobbler Pose works on your inner and outer thighs. An interesting thing of this pose is to flutter the legs like a butterfly, skinny legs– a reason why it is also called the Butterfly Pose. It is very easy; you can do it at home, straightforward, and relaxes your lower body.

Note: Avoid doing this if you have any kind of knee injuries.

E. Yoga poses For The Hips (Approx. 5-6 minutes)

Garudasana – Eagle Pose

The Eagle Pose is a pose of yoga that engages your thighs, legs, and arms while you are pushing the torso outside your body to do this perfectly. The balancing act helps you find stability and, this process strengthens your core and hip muscles and make your body strong. But avoid this asana if you have any knee, shoulder, or ankle pain.

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