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Best Yoga Mats For Hot Yoga

The best brands of Yoga mats for Hot Yoga


best Yoga mats for Hot Yoga

There are many brands of yoga mats on the market. The vast majority of them produce low / mid-range floor mats with inexpensive materials, generally PVC, with a focus on offering a competitive price.

However, the mats offered by these brands are far from ideal for yoga practice. Low durability, strong chemical odors, slippery and aggressive materials with the environment, zero absorption of humidity, and materials that are too soft, which will cause us pain in the joints when resting them on the floor in different positions.

The practice of yoga should be a pleasant practice and where the attention should focus on our own body. Using an inappropriate yoga mat can be exhausting and frustrating, and can even discourage us from practicing this sport.

That is why today we are going to talk to you about the best brands of yoga mats so that you bet on insurance when choosing your mat.

Here I will show you 7 best yoga mats for hot yoga,  information-

1. Manduka

Manduka is an American yoga mat brand founded in 1997 by Peter Stereos, an architect turned yogi.
This brand is a veteran in the market and its yoga mats are a total guarantee of quality. Its mats perfectly combine comfort and stability, with a soft thickness but with a remarkable firmness.

They are made of an eco-friendly version of PVC, free of toxins and phthalates, and their manufacturing process is certified 100% emission-free. Its materials are of such quality and durability that it is the only brand of yoga mats that offers a lifetime guarantee.

2. Liforme

Liforme is a benchmark brand when it comes to non-slip yoga mats.

It owns several patents such as “GripForMe” or “AlignForMe”, the first is a completely non-slip material made of rubber, the second is an alignment system made with a series of marks on the mat that will help you position yourself correctly on the postures.

As I said, the material from which your yoga mats are made on a natural rubber base, so they are PVC-free and are totally ecological and biodegradable.

3. Yoga Design Lab

Yoga Design Lab is a different brand of yoga mats and accessories.
It arose from the inspiration of its founder to create a line of aesthetically original and cheerful yoga mats , since most of the mats seemed the same and boring. This is why Yoga Design Lab designs are full of life and originality and are inspiring for our yoga practice.

Apart from the magnificent design, they also paid attention mainly to two points: that they were soft-touch and non-slip mats, especially in Hot Yoga practices, and that they were absolutely friendly with the environment.

Most of their mats are two in one since they are made of a layer of natural tree rubber together with a second layer of microfiber that acts as a towel, which will always absorb moisture to provide a perfect yoga practice.

4. JadeYoga

JadeYoga is an American yoga mat brand that in the early 2000s focused its efforts on finding a material that would solve the biggest problem in yoga mats at the time: they were slippery.
In its innovative initiative, JadeYoga killed two birds with one stone: it was the pioneer manufacturer in using rubber or natural rubber to make its mats, making these the first 100% ecological and recyclable mats on the market.

Despite being a family business, his name is widely recognized among professionals in the yoga industry.

They basically have two models: the Jade Harmony, their most popular mat, and the Jade Voyager, thinner and lighter for better portability. For the Jade Harmony they have no less than 11 different colors, click here to see them all.

5. Hugger Mugger

It can be said that this brand of yoga items is historical. Its founder Sara Chambers was a woodworker, and she fell so in love with yoga and its healing power that she left her profession to dedicate herself entirely to yoga.
This was in 1986, and at that time the practice of yoga was not common and articles were not easily found. The existing mats were not specifically designed for yoga, so they deteriorated quickly with use.

Sara began to make some articles for yoga with wood and fabric that quickly began to be in demand among her acquaintances. He ended up creating the Hugger Mugger brand, and under which he made the first commercial mat specifically for yoga: the Tapas Yoga Mat.

His mats today are still a benchmark in the world of yoga. They have a wide variety of rugs, including materials such as toxin-free PVC, natural rubber, or cotton.

6. Gaiam
Gaiam is a brand of fresh and modern yoga items and mats.
Despite being a much more recent brand than the previous ones, it has managed to position itself very well in the market by offering an infinity of models of rugs, with an excellent design and at a very reasonable price.

Gaiam is committed to variety and creativity in his designs, finding hundreds of different models with very attractive designs.

Although the quality of the materials is below other top brands, it is still noble with the skin as it is PVC free of toxins.


These are in our opinion the 6 best brands of yoga mats for hot yoga.


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