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Best Websites that Pay You to Play Games

Isn’t this exhilarating? You can get paid while having fun now. There are numerous opportunities for you to earn money while playing with the help of the internet. These online games are entertaining and make you feel good when you earn money with them. 

Now, there are some of the websites which help you earn money while playing. You don’t have to search for them because we are giving you the list of the top and best websites that will help you make money while playing. We are waiting for our eager and enthusiastic players to come forward and make their move. 

If interested, join the websites and earn money now!


Dangal games is a website with multiple games that you could play. There are many options available like fantasy cricket, rummy, poker, ludo, 8 ball pool, etc., whichever you want. The website has some real money earning games that could help you have fun and make money with it. The website is legal as well as trusted. It is a very safe website to be used by people to have entertainment while making money. You can also earn with the refer and earn policy of the website. You can earn some bonuses as well with the website and have fun! Dangal games is a flagship brand for Xeta gaming pvt. Ltd and has enormous number of users from all around. 


It is also a very popular website which helps people to earn money by playing. You can play games on the website, then win shopping gift cards, attractive cashback offers, and many rewards like these. It is a website where, for example, you pay US$10 for any game, and in return, you will get US$15, which means you get US$5 as a bonus from the website. Like this, you have the opportunity to win some real money as well with playing. You can try the website now.  Don’t wait! Friends, you will have the best playing experience and huge cash rewards with this website. 


Inbox dollars is also a very trendy website and is used by many people for earning money. On this website, you can achieve this with the help of scratch cards on the free games. When there are more scratch-off cards and progress that you make, more will be the earnings for you. 

This website, unlike others, also offers you an additional feature known as GSN casino, which makes you win cashback on that money you spent while playing games. Remember, the GSN casino would not help you earn money, but it asks for the payments to participating in that. 

Also, as a tip, you can give the participation fee with the help of that money you made by performing the many other tasks available on the website. Then you can have the chance to win amazing money jackpots and have an opportunity to participate in different competitions. 


It is a very dedicated mobile app which helps you to earn money as well. It can be downloaded on your android mobile phone. You have to download the app, choose your favorite game and just start playing. 

This app pays according to the time the users have spent in playing games. Like, the more they play, the more points they would collect from the app. This is an opportunity for the players to make their income while playing. As well as, refer and earn policy is also applicable on the app. 


The website is all about gaming. It is one of the oldest and the most popular website which a gamer would know. If you are an online gaming pro, what are you waiting for? It could be the best choice for you to invest your time in. The option for earning money is still here, you guys! Also, the website claims to be the highest payer website to its users for playing. The users make a lot of money from this website. And don’t worry about safety. It is safe to use and play games on.  We have every type of users in this website, because it is an old one. So don’t hesitate and start playing now. 


Take the joy of playing while earning money with the cash rate website now. You have to win points by playing, and your goal should be to earn maximum effectiveness so that you can make money from that. These points can be redeemed in the form of cash or any other shopping voucher. Also, playing multiple matches will help you earn more and more points which means more real money or gift cards. These rewards would be given for your gaming skills. So go and install the app now to have some fun and rewards from your gaming skills. 


For keen online gamers, this could be the website on which they could play on. Also, you get very exciting prize money as well. The prize money is the real attraction here on these websites, and it provides you a handful amount of money which would be good to see. The website also ensures all the safety measures that should be taken for the users and emphasizes the privacy policy of the website. 


Fantasy dangal is an app for fantasy cricket lovers. This is one of the best fantasy app. Our cricket fans have a huge population, and for them, there is a fantasy cricket app so that they can enjoy playing with their virtual team. You can earn while making your own team and enjoying cricket as well. Also, earn with the help of referring and earn policy as well. Fantasy Dangal comes with the games like cricket, kabaddi and football. The app concentrates on its every game and every user, that is why it has all the options opened for its users. Ready to make your teams and win up to Rs1 lakh from the gaming skills you have. So what are you waiting for? Download the app now and have some amazing cash rewards for yourself. 


These are some of the top websites which could help you to earn money while playing. You can enjoy these by playing. Also, there are some apps that you could download to enjoy more gaming. You can have more bonus points and cashback more offers which could make you earn money because these points get redeemed and make you earn cash. 

So what are you waiting for? Go, check out these websites and make earn money. Money is like a cherry on top while playing. Not much of the effort has to be taken by the user. 

But always remember, just strategize and make a plan before indulging in the game if you are new to it. You have to understand the rules before playing, and it is essential else you would lose your money and then no use!

Okay, so don’t wait now! Just reach out to these websites and have a smiling pocket! These websites have already millions of users, go and be the one now. They are having a great experience with them, so don’t hesitate and get yourself a good experience now with gaming.

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