Best software to create NFT art

Many people are interested in creating NFTs but have no idea which software to download to do this. Some might just say Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, though these apps do not yet feature direct integration with NFT marketplaces.

You can indeed use them for creating art files that you can later mint into NFTs, though there are other apps specifically focused on the creation and minting of NFTs in the most efficient way.

Today at What are NFTs, we’ll present you with five of the best software to create NFT art.
Let’s take a deep dive:

What makes a good NFT software?

Before providing you with the best software, let’s first look at the things that make an NFT creating software high-quality.

An NFT creation software is a tool, meaning that the depth of their use depends on our knowledge of them and the creativity of the person behind the project.

The first thing to take a look at in an NFT creator software is the available templates that make your task easier and faster. While we all love versatility in our tools as Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator can attest, an NFT creator will most likely have to repeat a task several times to generate the images necessary for the project.

After exporting them, you should also verify if the NFT creator software you’re trying to use automatically applies watermarks on your creations. It is safe to say that no matter how good the NFT is, people will feel opposed to purchasing it if it has a watermark. Watermarks hurt your branding, but they also damage the overall design of the soon-to-be NFT. Ensure that the software doesn’t apply automatic watermarks.

Finally, research the NFT creation software’s integration with blockchain. It’s more efficient to export NFTs created from software that’s already integrated with Ethereum. Instead of going through a lengthy minting process, you can mint it directly on OpenSea or any other Ethereum marketplace.

Dream App

The Dream AI app will generate all kinds of provocative images based on the prompt you provide it. It lets you create an AI painting simply by introducing a prompt made up of nouns and adjectives.

Not all of them are accurate, though. Often, the images produced by Dream are uncanny or far-fetched. It can also provide you with a completely new vision of a concept you imaged and translated into words.

For example, you can type “Scarecrow on fire” in the prompt. The app will generate a picture that resembles a bunch of straws, sticks, and ragged clothing with sparks and flames surrounding it. Dream App has its subreddit, r/womboai, where users of the app are constantly sharing some of their funniest or most profound creations. The active community helps inspire new or existing users of the app who can base themselves on other people’s prompts for their own use.

Dream App hasn’t been fully integrated with NFT marketplaces or platforms yet, but it has already implied that it will be one of its future features.

The apps usually have enough size to serve as wallpapers for your phone. AI-generated artwork is becoming higher quality and more accessible thanks to apps like Dream app. It’s also available for iOS, Android, and web browsers, developed by Canadian startup Wombo.

Follow this link to learn more about the nft consultant.

The Dream app is entirely free.


Krita is one of the oldest digital art software, functioning as a staple for the art community ever since 2004.

Even though NFTs became a thing less than five years ago, Krita has been out there for so long that it has one of the most well-developed systems for art customization.

Krita is considered one of the most professional-grade illustration apps. It’s powerful, and its functionality is almost unmatched.

Krita organizes its brushes by category, classifying them among ink, sketch, and paint. It allows you to save brush presets on canvas. Krita has 100 professionally designed brush tools. It features pencils, different brush engines for each, and even a color smudge and shape option. You’re even able to import brushes from other artists also using Krita.

On top of that, Krita supports text, though it is one of the clunkier parts of the app. You can’t type Krita’s text directly on the page and have to type everything on a separate panel, which can be tedious if you have an NFT project involving a lot of text. This is subjective, though, and others might find the text functionality to meet their standards.

You can configure the tool, change the wheel’s shape, and optimize the shade selector. You’re able to alter the color patchers and more.

The customization of Krita’s interface is another of its significant advantages, as you can switch between workflows to lay the panels optimally. An animation panel immediately pulls out playback panels and the timeline, on top of providing you with a painting layout. Krita also features the option to create custom layouts.

For those who want to go beyond the creation of JPEG and PNG NFTs, Krita also features an animation feature that lets you see your animation play in a timeline for review.

Finally, one of Krita’s main advantages is that it is free. It’s been developed just for digital drawing, and its creators believe in accessibility for a digital illustration app.

Follow this link to learn more about Krita.

NFT Creator

NFT Creator is an art creator developed for Apple devices, compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac, and even iPod. It’s the most straightforward app to turn pictures into NFT crypto art, which you can sell on NFT marketplaces with ease, thanks to its integration.

NFT Creator features templates you can use for top-selling NFTs, has zero Ethereum minting commissions, and features pixel designs and collections. It also has cool-looking futuristic filters, neon themes, and crypto graphics. It’s considered an easy-to-use tool for beginner artists, even those with no experience drawing on paper instead of digital.

Follow this link to learn more about NFT creators.


This is an Augmented Reality app that puts virtual images on paper to let you draw things from your phone. It is the best app for those who want to draw yet feel overwhelmed due to a lack of experience. It’s designed specifically for people who want to learn how to draw, putting virtual images on a pre-marked surface, and you can sketch the ideas step-by-step while also learning how to draw as you do.

The app works interestingly: before you begin your initial sketch, you must mark the paper’s surface with four crosses that the app will show you how to draw. These serve as AR markers for the app to recognize where it will place the virtual image for its user to practice drawing on top of it. Should you move the paper, the photos might be repositioned.

These crosses should be visible to your mobile camera, and it’s recommended that you use the app with an A4/A5 size paper.

This also has the option of creating a time-lapse video of the sketching process to share it with the world; it also features a free unicorn character sketch, a library section where you can search for sketches of all sorts of categories and even sketches drawn by pro-SketchAR users.

The best part of SketchAR is that it converts art into NFTs directly, allowing them to share them on any platform. It also has an active community that shows featured artwork on its webpage.

Follow this link to learn more about SketchAR.


Pixelchain is one of the best NFT creator apps for designing pixeled art styles. It allows you to draw pixel-oriented art and mint your artwork directly on the ETH blockchain while also selling your art in Ethereum based marketplaces.

Once a PixelChain artwork is minted, its smart contract encodes the image data and sends it to the blockchain directly.

You can create 32×32 pixel art without depending on IPFS or any external serves. The CryptoMotors team developed this app, and you can find more information by following this link.

Final words

In this article, the software we presented to you is some of the most highly-rated apps out there for NFT creation, though that doesn’t mean that other apps cannot fulfill the same purposes.

For example, many NFT artists go with the classic Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop and draw their art using these two instead.

The best software to create NFT art is the one you feel more comfortable using. You might want to use SketchAR or NFT Creator if you’re starting, or you might feel more comfortable using Krita if you want more freedom and have experience drawing. It all comes to your objective with the NFT collection you wish to create.

What Is the Best Way of Selling NFT?

Yes, some NFT artwork has sold at astronomically high sums. More than a handful of NFTs have sold for more than $1 million, and dozens more have sold for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Collectible NFTs such as those in the Bored Ape Yacht Club or CryptoPunks groups, on the other hand, command relatively high prices. Furthermore, the fact is that there are a variety of expenses associated with generating, maintaining, and selling an NFT. Therefore, based on how much you sell your NFT, they might eat up a significant percentage of the revenue or possibly leave you out of cash. Therefore, the first step in creating an NFT is to select an NFT website to create and sell your NFT and a payment wallet to pay a fee and get cash if your NFT is successful.

Next you will need a unique work of art that you hold the ownership to. This could really include anything, such as a photograph, a video, a song, or almost any different type of media.

After you complete that, you will then go to to see what’s available. On the top-right corner of the screen, select the “Create” option. Finally, you can pick how many cryptocurrencies you want to use and enter them into the system.

If someone purchases your item and distributes it elsewhere, you’ll be approached regarding royalties. It’s important to keep in mind that Rarible keeps around 2.5 percent service charge for each unit sold.

Finally, you’ll have to spend a miners’ fee, often known as a “gas” charge, when you advertise your property. In order to make this happen you will have to link your created crypto wallet. Your Rarible posting will instantly circulate to certain other listing websites such as OpenSea.

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