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Reviews: EGO Power+ 56v 16″ Chainsaw

A cut above.

Chain saws are by their very nature terrifying; they are loud, threatening, and so good at their work on , that in the last 4 decades they have become the staple of horror films.

Part of their popularity lies in their unusual temperamental gas engines, which can be a pain to deal with and disturb. It might be intimidating here, but it’s always been scary to cut down a heavy, wobbly explosive device with a famously strong super coupler.

I was delighted to receive a 16′′ 56v chainsaw from the EGO people to make the pass. Is it safer for a staple backyard? Continue to read!

Box EGO Kettensaw

What is it that claims?

The 56v chain saw Power+ from EGO claims to be a 16, “which gives all of what you consider to be a chain saw a flat and powerful electrical motor.


  • Electric Brushless Motor
  • Lithium rechargeable batteries equipped with 56v Arc
  • The test kit consists of a 5.0Ah battery and fast charger.
  • Diameter of full cut: 32.5′′
  • RPM 6800
  • Construct water resistant
  • Garantie of 5 years
  • look and sound look and feel
  • Inside the box EGO chainsaw

You already know that they are not the lower electrical instruments your father has talked about growing up when you read my other impressions of the EGO Power+ tumbler and weed eater. This chainsaw is built with a sturdy frame, which is intended for use without the infant.

The battery is a little heavy, but with a balanced heft it felt powered by a gas engine. It’s just about the same.

User experience and performance

The experience will be insightful if this is your first EGO 56v tool; for current owners it is everything you can hope. Charge the battery, click on it, disengage the safe characteristics and start with a button. That’s it.

EGO charger

This unprecedented simplicity is more welcome with a chain saw that looks like an awe-inspiring way of creating such a great cutting machine. When it’s time to clean up down some arms, which is far from an insult to the miserably competent capacity of theEGO, I’m no longer in a cold sweat. It is like hot knife butter, and it gives me a feeling that I have great strength.

The package I got has a weird 5.0Ah battery (1Ah bigger than the EGO mother!) and both charges are quicker than you would expect and seem to outlast my ability to hold the stuff down. I might see this chewing by smaller batteries, but everything you need for everything but the most challenging cutting tasks should be included in the pack.

Compatibility with Other Tools

EGO’s battery connectors and interoperability have remained the same in the entire product line as they have incorporated more devices throughout the company. You buy an investment in the original and update your entire system to any additional device. Unfortunately it is not the same rules which apply to the consumer electronics industry.

Build Quality and Reliability

The chainsaw is solid in rock, with simple controls and the sophisticated design you might expect of a high-end power tool. Better still, the fantastic 56V technology will allow you to use your energy to cut wood rather than just to kick your head. The idea that a device works only is refreshing.


The package I checked contains the 16′′ chain saw and a $299 fee for the insane 5.0Ah battery. You can use the chainsaw to earn a little more than $200 if you’ve already drunk EGO Cool-Help on another machine. Sure, this is much more than a comparable gas model, but I think it is more than worth the time and mental stress you expend on an electric machine.

On a side note only some bar and chain oil for the saw are required for you to buy, which is curiously missing from the package. There are just $5, but you can’t use your saw instantly with a sort of bummer.


I can not find anything to worry about, whether it is the first EGO device or the next upgrade to a laboratory. You can grab an EGO chain sew and thank me later if you need to deal with trees or major tasks around your building.

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