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If template floor plans don’t appeal to you, perhaps you should build a custom home instead. There are a lot of companies that offer their services to people who want to build their homes from the ground up. Below are tips to help you build your customized home.

Good location

Choose a lot to build your custom home from. The closer your lot’s location is to the city, the higher the price range will be. You need to decide on whether or not the convenience is worth the price. Look at the terrain too. The more level the land is, the easier it is to prepare the space for construction. It would be more challenging to build your custom home on a cliff or rocky land. Take the terrain into consideration when you’re looking for architects as well because you would want only professionals who specialize in these types of lots.

Floor plan

Even if you’re going to hire an architect, make a floor plan. This will help you give a clearer vision so you can have the right number of rooms, the correct bathroom placements, the right veranda positioning and so on. The architect can just make improvements, or at least base his final design on your initial floor plans. S/he can also tell you if the things you want in your home are viable.


Look for designs online that you’d like to pattern your custom-build house on. Would you like a Swedish-type house? A more minimalistic Japanese design? You can even take a Green House’s design from another country so you can apply similar applications to your home. The beauty about having a custom-built house is that you can have anything you want incorporated into your home as long as the overall design comes together well aesthetically and technically.

Materials and your budget

Template homes could be built from materials which are less than ideal because they were made to cater to families who are on a budget. The material choices are not always the best ones. On the other hand, a custom home allows you to choose the best materials and still work well within your budget. Just make sure that you choose a contractor you can trust. Don’t choose any company or architect blindly. You should look at how credible they are first before you finalize your decisions.


Custom homes simply have more personality. You can have a library or even a dance studio facing the lake or the beach if you wish. You can have a big bedroom which connects to a bathroom which is just as big if you really want this feature in your home. Room sizes are standardized in template homes, and these might not always fit your personal needs. Give your home a lot of personality by building it from the ground up, and basing every design decision on your own needs. This is a great option for couples who would like to have their homes reflect their personalities.

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