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Best CCTV Camera for Home Security

Need to develop a network video solution that requires more than just standard network cameras? Perhaps you are looking for an elegant and discreet camera for surveillance in elevators or in security areas such as psychiatric hospitals or prisons. Discover the specialty cameras from Axis with unique functions and high-quality surfaces that meet your requirements.

The specialty cameras from Axis have specific functions that our standard products do not offer. Manufacturers have specially designed brushed steel corner-mounted cameras for installation in elevators. You can integrate these cameras into any high-quality room design seamlessly.

We have included the models in this portfolio. These are ligature resistant (also known as anti-ligature) to prevent self-harm, manufacturers made them the perfect solution for surveillance in high-security environments such as law enforcement agencies, correctional facilities, and healthcare facilities.

The perfect fit – anywhere:

Even in the most demanding applications, you will find an Axis specialty camera tailored to your needs. you can install AXIS P91 Series and AXIS Q8414-LVS examples in easily accessible areas such as B. in parking garages. Thanks to the vandal-proof housing of protection class IK10, we can ensure that they can protect well. These enclosures are also certified to IP66 for protection against any type of dust and water damage.

It is ideal for video surveillance in buildings with high-quality interiors, as seen in most elevators. This model has no visible screws and you can repaint the case in any color to adapt to the surroundings.

Installers can also mount the AXIS P9106-V models on only 2 of the 3 surfaces (wall + wall or ceiling wall +) in the corner. These cameras are easy to install thanks to innovative screw seals that hold the screws in place during assembly.

CCTV Camera
CCTV Camera for Home Security

Easiest installation

Thanks to the flexible mounting options, the special camera from Axis is easy and inexpensive to install. All of our specialty cameras offer options for integrating Power over Ethernet (PoE) so that you do not require expensive rewiring.

The compact, sleek AXIS P9106-V Brushed Steel connect is particularly useful in elevator systems. There you also can use PoE over 2-wire lines to connect existing cable lines. You can fully service CCTV cameras from inside the elevator without having to access the elevator shaft. Browse our following Axis Specialty Cameras to find the best camera for your specific needs.

Thermal imaging cameras

Axis thermal imaging cameras clearly outperform optical cameras in the dark. They are a powerful tool for tracking people and objects around the clock, be it in absolutely dark areas or in a sunlit parking lot.

Thermal imaging cameras use the heat emitted by any object (e.g., vehicles or people) for imaging.

A thermal imaging camera has fewer problems in difficult lighting conditions such as shadows, backlighting, darkness, and also with camouflaged objects and provides images that the operator can use to identify suspicious activities and act on them – around the clock, seven days a week.

Record in high quality around the clock:

The thermal network cameras of the AXIS Q19 series, with their powerful analysis functions, are perfect for perimeter protection. Thermal imaging captures people and objects as well as incidents around the clock, be it in complete darkness or in sunny parking lots. It records suspicious activities before it carry out the intrusion actually. And the visual inspection enables appropriate measures.

The electronic image stabilization from Axis (EIS) covers a wide frequency range and an extensive amplitude range. It is even suitable for scenes with a high proportion of motion. The electronic image stabilization minimizes the effects of vibrations. The sequence of images remains smooth and clear. And that even on windy days when vibrations would impair the image quality. This technology is now also available for the AXIS Q19 series thermal imaging cameras.

Remote thermal imaging monitoring Check the temperature at any time:

Temperature alarm you can use CCTV cameras for remote temperature monitoring. It is possible to set temperature alarms. Check the temperature – wherever you are, at any time of the day or night—ideal for remote monitoring of power plants, fire hazard areas, or industrial processes with self-igniting materials. The Total temperature of an object between -40 ° C and +550 ° C is recorded. The accuracy is + -5 ° C at temperatures below 150 ° C.

Under certain conditions, some Axis thermal imagers can take precise temperature measurements. However, manufacturers didn’t develop Axis to measure fever in humans nor to detect, alleviate, or prevent any disease or health condition. Therefore, the FDA doesn’t approve Axis thermal imaging cameras for this type of use, such as in the USA.

With AXIS Q2901-E and AXIS Q2901-E PT Mount, you can set up multiple alarm areas that sends an alarm if the temperature exceeds or falls below a pre-configured threshold. For ease of use, the cameras provide visual aids such as isothermal pallets and spot temperature functions to quickly predict failures by showing problem areas before the problem is visible to the human eye or before the equipment stops working.

Fixed Bullet Cameras:

The multi-function fixed bullet cameras from Axis are inexpensive and ready to use. With their compact and slim design, you can aesthetically integrate them into any environment. Thanks to integrated IR lighting and high-resolution video quality, they are ideal for round-the-clock protection of the outdoor and indoor areas of your property.

Small miracles for inexpensive surveillance

  • Small bullet cameras 
  • Suitable for outdoor use 
  • Integrated IR lighting 
  • HDTV resolution up to 4 MP 
  • easy installation 
  • Axis zip stream-Technology

The small bullet cameras of the AXIS M20 network camera series deliver outstanding image quality even at night. In addition, they are surprisingly cheap to buy as well as installation and operating costs.

The network cameras of the AXIS M20 series are consist with the latest Axis technologies such as Axis zip stream and Axis Corridor Format. You minimize the need for storage space and bandwidth and maintain the high image quality. Wide horizontal fields of view mean that each camera can cover a large area. And resolutions between HD CCTV Camera 1080p and 4 MP / Quad HD 1440p and the integrated IR lighting enable surveillance with high image quality even in the dark.

Easy to install anywhere:

The network cameras of the AXIS M20 series are suitable for installation indoors and outdoors on walls, ceilings, posts, and in angles. The cameras are resistant to sun, rain, cold, heat, and harsh weather conditions. The cameras are focused ex-works and you can easily install with just one cable, thanks to Power over Ethernet (PoE).

AXIS P14 Network Cameras are compact, ready-to-use bullet cameras for outdoor use. The cameras are perfect for video surveillance around the clock of unprotected outdoor areas such as parking lots, petrol stations, or general indoor surveillance tasks for which compact cameras are required. All models are equipped with a day/night function and integrated IR lighting. The image quality of the AXIS P14 Series is exceptionally high in every resolution, from 1080p to Ultra-HD 4K. Manufacturers offers some models in the series with the Forensic WDR, Light finder, and zip stream technologies.

Easy to install indoors and outdoors:

The cameras of the AXIS P14 series have a compact and lightweight housing and an integrated bracket for mounting on the wall or ceiling. A wide range of mounting accessories makes installation even more accessible. AXIS P14 Series is easy to install, and remote zoom and focus allow you to fine-tune the image from your computer. In addition, the pixel counter ensures that the required resolution is selected. The cameras are supplied with power via the network via Power over Ethernet. This eliminates the costly installation of power cables.

The AXIS Q17 series are robust HDTV network cameras for day and night. They meet the growing expectations of professional surveillance. They are ideal for monitoring areas that require robust and reliable identification, such as streets and intersections, casinos, passport control points, airports, and train stations.

The cameras of the AXIS Q17 Series includes features like first-class, high resolution, electronic image stabilization, Light finder, and zip stream – that you can use indoors and outdoors. With functions such as AXIS Guard Suite, video-based motion detection, audio detection as well as active tampering alarms and gatekeepers, your premises and your rooms are guaranteed to be secured. The cameras record it in a temperature range between -40 ° C and 60 ° C with almost every challenge.

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