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Best and Effective Treadmill Workouts Ideas to Burn Calories

Running miles inside the gym, that too on a treadmill can be a boring workout to some. Fair enough! Who wants to run relentlessly on a conveyor belt to get in shape when multiple other cool devices are there for workouts. Well, hitting the treadmills might be less exciting than running outdoors, but through the right regimen and strategy, a treadmill’s effectiveness can be enhanced to burn more calories. Coupled with some useful HIIT techniques, a treadmill could be the ultimate nemesis to major calories, and here’s why.

Interval Training is the Key

If you want to burn major calories in a flash, interval training is the answer. We all want to get into shape by burning more calories in less time. Waking up the next morning and thinking about the pizza you had last night could be worrying when you’re already high on the fitness craze. But don’t worry, your cardio machine is here to help you out. Yes, we’re talking about treadmills. By treadmill exercises, you can actually supercharge your heart rate. The faster you amplify your heart rate, the higher the chances of losing the calories efficiently. And interval training is the way to do it in style. No need to walk or run quicker than usual, but break your entire session into 5-6 five-minute running or walking sub-sessions where you do the same thing continuously. Slowly increase the speed and reduce the timing. This will help build intensity in the long run.

Switch Your directions

Before jumping to any conclusion, let us tell you yes, it works. If you’re familiar with the stair climber where people often change their direction and pose to have the complete benefits, the same logic can be applied at treadmills. Going forward and backward in a strategic way can burn major fat quickly. You can also go sideways just like you do with stair climber equipment. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you buy treadmill online or make an in-store purchase, consider implementing this pro tip to burn calories effectively. Switching position backward or sideways can strengthen your hips to sweat more. Also, a resistance band is recommended to get the best out of this workout.

Watch TV During the Exercise

While television may seem to be disturbing to some, the usage of the TV or any other audio-visual device could actually get you hooked to your workout schedule longer. While working out your mind generally wanders aimlessly, and makes you feel every effort real hard. This could result in quicker exhaustion that can be realized sooner than later. But during watching a favorite Romcom episode or your favorite Netflix series, your mind can be glued to the thing and your exercise might continue for longer without your active consent. You might notice you’re running down the treadmill longer than the usual timing. The television programs also have commercials that last for two to three minutes before resuming the show again. Strategize those interval periods in a way so that you can stay on the treadmill for long.

Practice HIIT on the Treadmill

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training which is another key to your fast calorie burning process. If you’re unfamiliar with the technique, it’s time to get this thing straight. This super-impactful training method suggests that don’t stick to the same boring running and walking every time when you’re on the treadmill. Try to make your session short but push your limit to the maximum before opting for rest. Do the jogging, then start power walking and finish the thing off with a mild walk. That’s it. To burn calories you have to introduce new methods. This will help you to get toned.

Get off the treadmill

Almost every commercial gym setup comes with a treadmill. So, you’re probably wondering why on earth you have to get off the thing you’re working out on. Well, what we mean is to give yourself a little break from the device instead of raising hell on it. You don’t have to stick to the treadmill to burn calories and lose weight. Get off that thing and do a few sets of squats and free-hand exercises on the floor before getting back into it. You can also do kettlebell swing or mild dumbbell training. Incorporate the habit into your hour-long workout schedule for better results. So, we can see sometimes getting off and on your treadmill could be beneficial in a way.


So, it’s evident that your boring treadmill exercise could be spiced up with a lot of different methods and regimens. The focus should always be to avoid a plateau and introduce in order to burn more calories successfully. On a cardio device like a treadmill, you can always burn calories no matter what you’re doing on it. But burning calories doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll lose fat. So, consume calories accordingly to burn them down.

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