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Benefits of converting your relationship and dating blogs into an app

The popularity of relationship and dating apps is growing in leaps and bounds. The world has become too busy for people to interact and find the right person steadily.

People are turning to the internet to find solutions for all kinds of problems. Relationship counsellors are gaining more popularity and traffic by entering the online market.

But the web traffic is gradually resorting to mobile devices to access such services. Therefore, if you run a relationship and dating blog website online, converting it into an app can be highly advantageous.

If you are wondering why and how you should learn the ropes of the mobile market, then explore the blog further and find out more.

 Mobile apps will shape the future of blog industry

 “People who download our app visit much more frequently and consume 10 times more articles than people coming from the mobile Web.”

  • Jimmy Maymann, Former CEO, The Huffington Post

Evidently, building an app for your blog website can increase the growth rate of your brand manifold. Some of the notable benefits of getting an app are:

# 1: Increased traffic and conversions

As quoted in the example above, apps can bring in more traffic for your business. While websites are necessary for exposure and create awareness, apps keep loyal readers hooked to your brand. 

# 2: Ease and personalization for users

Proximity and personalization are the most winning assets of an app. Users with different kind of sexual orientation, problems, preferences, etc., can all get easy access to content that can be especially customized for them. 

# 3: Quantifiable growth statistics

Apps allow easy tracking of growth data and have ample of metrics to aid the process of measuring success. You can easily monitor the rate of installations, uninstalls, subscriptions, impressions, etc. 

# 4: Better brand value and recognition

Having an app ensures more brand value and recognition in this mobile friendly world dominant of millennial users. It also adds a parallel channel of revenue and branding. 

# 5: Endless scope of scalability

Apps enhance communication and growth abilities and make your business more scalable. You can integrate social media pages to boost interaction and visibility, and also convert your blogging app to a mCommerce store just by installing a WooCommerce mobile app plugin. 

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Create an app and build your niche now!

Convert your blog website into an app with AppMySite WordPress mobile app builder. It is super easy, affordable, fast and smart enough to support your journey.

Launch your app in the market for Android and iOS users, and capture the attention of all kinds of users. Build your brand niche and grow as the mobile market expands.

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