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Benefits of Buying King Single Bed For Your Child

You can’t stop the inevitable. As much as you want your child to stay little and have him sleep beside, he will grow up and need his own space and bed. So it would be best if you started thinking about getting him his bed the moment he starts climbing out of his crib or is too big to sleep in one.

But which size should you buy? You could check for single, double, or king single beds online to compare which would be right for your child.

These days, however, many parents are opting to choose the king single-sized beds for their children because of the extra room and length it provides that will be perfect for any growing child.

What is a King Single Bed?

Many people may not know, but there is a single-sized bed and then a king single-sized bed. There is even a long single-sized bed. The dimensions of a single bed are usually 92cm x 188cm, while a king single bed measures 107cm x 203cm. That means an extra 15cm room and length is perfect for your growing child, teenager, or big kids.

Why You Should Get a King Single Bed

It may be hard to choose the right-sized bed to fit the needs of your growing child. It is always best to do a little research before making a decision. You can browse for different sizes, such as the single, double, and king single beds online.

However, most parents nowadays are choosing king single-sized beds, and here are the top 5 reasons why:

Size Matters

As mentioned above, a king single bed has the advantage of extra 15 centimetres in length and width compared to a single bed. This is perfect for children who are active sleepers and move around a lot while they are sleeping. A king single is also perfect for genetically broad and tall kids, not just for now but also for the future.

Bigger Savings

When you are tight on a budget, it will make more sense to buy something that will serve you well into the future. This is what most parents consider when choosing a king single bed. They know that the extra space will serve the purpose for their child for years to come. Moreover, there is less chance for them to buy a new bed when their child outgrows it and is ready to move to a bigger-sized bed.

Best for You and Your Child

There are times when your child can’t seem to fall asleep and wants you to read him a story until he does. Or maybe he had a bad dream and is scared and needs a little company until he calms down; a king single bed is a perfect option for you. The extra length of the king single is perfect for accommodating an adult as well.


Children grow up fast and at an alarming rate. Because of this, many parents would choose to buy bigger-sized stuff for their children instead of buying the right size at that moment. Buying king single beds online for your child ensures that it will last well into their teenage years.

All Grown Up

While some parents are afraid of when their child is all grown up and is ready to move out for college, some parents don’t. Of course, they won’t convert their child’s room into something else right away and would wait until they finally decide to move out and live their lives. But their child’s king single-sized bed can be used as a spare bed for adult guests because of its size.

It is tempting to buy a smaller-sized bed for your child, especially if you are on a tight budget. But if you consider all the points mentioned, you know that it will be more cost-effective if you invest in a more comfortably sized bed that will last for a long time. The most crucial factor when choosing a bed for your child is his opinion, though. So, bring him along when looking at beds and get his opinion as well.

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