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A thick, healthy lawn care can make outdoor time spent with family and friends even more enjoyable, but a well-maintained lawn has other benefits also . As a part of a beautiful landscape, a gorgeous lawn contributes to a rise of up to 17 percent in perceived property value. A healthy lawn also delivers environmental benefits, from oxygen production to improved water quality.

The question isn’t whether you would like a thick, healthy lawn — it’s which path you’ll fancy achieve that goal. When it involves investing time and resources, two choices top the list: hiring a lawn care service to try to to the work or reclaiming your turf and doing it yourself. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of both can assist you decide which one’s for you.


Putting the responsibility for a beautiful lawn on someone else’s shoulders are often appealing if you’re limited on time or commitment. Going the lawn service route involves some tradeoffs you’ll be wanting to think through.

Advantages to hiring a lawn service:
  • Time savings. With a service, somebody else does the work. meaning extra free time for you.
  • Consistent schedule. With many lawn services, you will get consistent weekly service — same day, same time — rain or shine.
  • Professional-grade lawn care products. Lawn professionals have access to premium pro-line products at trade-only pricing.
  • Equipment provided. Lawn care services provide the equipment and fuel , along side repairs and maintenance.
  • Skills and knowledge . Qualified lawn pros offer the advantage of focused training and industry expertise

Disadvantages to hiring a lawn service:

  • Increased labor costs. Your time’s valuable, but so is that the pro’s you’ll pay.
  • Inflexibility. A lawn service’s fixed schedule doesn’t always correspond to the simplest timing for your lawn.
  • Increased product costs. Some services charge more for trade-only products.
  • Automatic treatments. Many service programs provide automatic treatments for all lawns they service, no matter each lawn’s individual needs.
  • Need for careful screening. Some lawn services lack training and professional experience. Top care takes quite equipment. Request and check references if you’re taking the do-it-for-me route.


Doing your own lawn care are often an easy , satisfying achievement. You get to experience and influence your lawn’s progress from start to end — and still enjoy free time. Doing it yourself also has pros and cons to think about .

Advantages to DIY lawn care:
  • Cost savings. plow ahead and pay yourself. Labor costs drop once you go DIY.
  • Optimal timing. From quick weekend fixes to month-to-month lawn care, you’ll schedule DIY lawn look after the simplest possible time for your lawn.
  • Professional-grade consumer products. With premium consumer products like Pennington Smart Seed, you’re a professional . Water-conserving Pennington Smart Seed grass varieties used and recommended by lawn pros are available to assist you create an exceptional lawn.
  • Personalized choices. With DIY, you opt and do. Whether choosing between seed or sod or growing grass in shade, you’ll select the simplest possible grasses and lawn care products for your unique lawn conditions.
  • Health and fitness benefits. Lawn care activities as simple as mowing can contribute significantly to your current and future health.
  • Knowledge and expertise. once you combat your lawn care, the chance to research, learn and do gives you specialized knowledge you’ll share with others.

Disadvantages to DIY lawn care:

  • Time commitment. Consider the worth of your free time and whether you enjoy hands-on outdoor tasks. Creating a healthy, beautiful lawn requires a commitment to learning and lawn care, but that does not mean you’ll forfeit your weekends off.
  • Equipment investment. to try to to it yourself, you will need basic equipment, like a mower and spreader, and room to store them. you’ll even have occasional equipment rental for special projects like aeration.

Whether you opt on a do-it-for-me service or DIY sort of a pro, expert advice and premium grass seed and lawn products will help. Your local county agent is a superb source of data on lawn look after your region, and Pennington’s educational resources can assist you sharpen your knowledge and achieve the goals you desire. As a pacesetter within the industry for 3 generations, Pennington has cultivated the trust of lawn professionals and homeowners by growing the best grass seed available. you’ll calculate Pennington for results — guaranteed.

Most people who hire lawn mowing providers or lawn care companies often undergo an equivalent hiring process. They’ll either search online, flick through fancy looking websites, search for deals on Craigslist, or contact an area lawn care business posing for quotes. Sometimes they prefer to do the grass cutting themselves, sweating away their time under the summer heat, so as to save lots of some money.

If you’ve held back from hiring lawn care companies because you were worried about the prices or addressed unprofessional and expensive landscapers, GreenPal created an app to assist avoid these problems. you’ll find affordable and reliable lawn care companies by downloading the free GreenPal app.

Not only will you economize on these high-quality lawn care services, but you’ll even be ready to roll in the hay in less time than it takes to boil an egg. GreenPal features a centralized hub that contains a “vault” of lawn care companies for you to settle on from. These lawn mowing providers and landscapers offer exclusive deals and premium services available only to app users.

Let knowledgeable lawn care company transform your outdoor area and enhance its curb appeal. Many lawn care companies apply to be a neighborhood of GreenPal’s hub center but not every company qualifies. Landscapers and native businesses must undergo a strict application process before being granted access to you.

We only let into our app the lawn mowing providers and lawn care companies that have a proven record of delivering quality lawn care services. They confirm the yard maintenance or landscape maintenance services were met with positive reviews and praise. We ensure they employ the simplest practices for lawn maintenance, including hiring seasoned professionals and using leading edge technology.

We even double-check everything. Every lawn care company you discover on the GreenPal app has also been verified and authorized for work by the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce.

Thousands of individuals are already using the GreenPal app to get back more free time, economize on everyday grass cutting services, and breathe new life into their lawn and yard.

Besides being trusted by many thousands of users round the country, GreenPal has also been featured in Inc, The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, and other media.

Regardless of what lawn care issue you’ve got or what sort of assist you need, you’ll find all the lawn care services you’re trying to find once you download the GreenPal app.

Our app can help property owners and homeowners in various areas in Cheyenne like Pinewood, Railroad Road, Bluffs, Capitol Heights, Harmony Hills, Silvergate, Gateway Village, Westgate, and lots of other neighborhoods within the city. If your property is on the brink of notable areas like Cheyenne Depot Museum, Big Boy external-combustion engine 4004, Cheyenne Botanical Gardens, Brimmer Park, Cheyenne club , or any locations, GreenPal can assist you .

So, if you would like any sort of lawn mowing, edging, sodding, power washing, gutter cleaning, raking, sod removal. Topsoil, trimming bushes and shrubs, hardscaping, sodding, mulching, landscape maintenance, grass cutting. Core aeration, yard maintenance, and a few other lawn care service, let GreenPal make your search easy.

you can also visit www.urlandscaping.com for more information.

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