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Ayurvedic Diet – Cure Chronic Diseases

An Ayurvedic Diet is important because diseases like Diabetes, heart disease and mental stress are becoming epidemics all over the world, including in developed countries. The government is spending huge amounts of money in research and development methods to control the spread of these diseases, but the results are not very encouraging.

Researchers consider nutritional imbalances to be the likely cause of most diseases. Charaka Samhita, an authentic book of Ayurveda, states – Food is life. When taken correctly, it increases puberty and lifespan. Improper intake of food produces toxins and eventually, people have to wash their hands away. According to Ayurveda, improper eating and lifestyle is the root cause of most diseases. To be healthy, it is important to treat the root cause. Hence everyone should know about Ayurvedic cuisine and lifestyle. Ayurveda describes each person as a unique creation. For optimal physical, mental and spiritual health, all

Should eat according to your creation. Also, it is advisable to follow a specific diet when one is suffering from the disease.

Importance of eating healthy ayurvedic Diet

In the modern era, everyone often feels sensitive to the foods and beverages he once was able to tolerate. Consumption of certain foods, such as caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, cereals and dairy products, worsen the symptoms. Thus it is clear that a relationship exists between food and disease.

Fifty per cent of such diseases in Ayurvedic treatment system can be treated by optimizing Ayurvedic food and lifestyle. After digestion and incorporation in the body, food is converted into ‘Ojas’ which represents the immunity and vitality of a person. Excessive work, intense stress, hypersensitive habits, and sensory overload cause a gradual decrease of ‘Ojas’, often the root cause of the disease. As a result of low ‘Ojas’, people feel tired and weak at the end of the day or weekend. To get more energy, people resort to power bars, power shake, caffeine, alcohol, chocolate or high sugar snacks. All these foods further reduce oz (life force) as they stimulate our system, strengthen it or

Do not give rest. The real energy boosters are fresh fruits, vegetables, lentils, beans, standing grains, and spices. Most people are unaware of the delicious dishes made from these energy boosters, and therefore easily resort to junk food.

Over 70 per cent of all degenerative, chronic diseases are caused by inefficient digestion and ingestion of food. Cooking plays an important role in the assessment of food. Any food, including an energy booster, cannot be converted into energy (oz) until it is fully digested and incorporated. To make it digestible, Ayurveda suggests cooking with spices to make various dishes. Spices stimulate enzymes and help to cleanse the colon. They increase the absorption of nutrients in the body by taking energy from complex carbohydrates. Spices also have a great medicinal property.

How can Ayurvedic Diet help you?

According to Ayurveda, there is a pharmacy in the kitchen. These Ayurvedic facts are now also being confirmed through modern scientific research. For example, liquorice has been found to be able to calm bowel and kidney problems, cleanse the stomach, and strengthen the liver. It provides a mild laxative effect and removes mucus from the lungs, especially when taken as a tea. It helps in the treatment of bronchitis (bronchitis), laryngitis (inflammation and inflammation of the larynx), and throat pain.

There are hundreds of delicious Ayurvedic dishes, which have amazing healing properties. In this era when there is a lot of concern about the possible side effects of prescription drugs, adopting Ayurvedic cuisine is the simplest and easiest solution. Ayurvedic recipes not only help in healing the body but also in the mind. While eating, our body absorbs the prana (life energy) associated with it and the physical nutrients present in the food with subtle effects. Even the process of cooking (cooking) affects the properties of the food. Food plays an important role in the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of a person.

Food has both curative and preventive functions. Food helps in rejuvenation in a healthy person. New cells are formed that protects our inner membrane/lining and skin. Ayurvedic cuisine helps to maintain youth and beauty. Ayurvedic diet is based on the concept of six flavours – sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent. In addition, Ayurvedic cuisine is sattvic meaning to calm and relax on a mental level.

Do not imbalance. Trouble in the stomach will cause confusion in mind and emotions. Thus Ayurvedic cuisine nurtures a person on an emotional level and leads to a blissful life. A dish made of bitter gourd and fenugreek leaves or seeds helps the cells to release more insulin into the blood and thus helps in the treatment of diabetes. Cooking rice with milk and medicated sweet pudding with saffron, resins, and kharak relieves mental stress in minutes. Similarly, tea made from the bark of the Arjuna tree (Latin name: Arjun Terminalia) is beneficial in lowering cholesterol, clearing the blocked arteries of the heart and strengthening your muscles.


People suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, mental stress and many other diseases should consider adopting Ayurveda. Due to avoiding, they cannot enjoy various cuisines and often get depressed. Ayurvedic dishes are the perfect solution for such people. These dishes are not only delicious but also have healing properties. So you can taste the taste, and also cure the disease. Thousands of people have benefited from such cuisines in India. Many companies like Snaana are emerging to promoting ayurvedic products which are bringing the old magic of Ayurveda back into the people’s hand.

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