Assisted Living: What to Expect

Assisted living is an accommodation option for seniors who need help with some daily living activities such as cooking meals, housework, traveling to appointments, and more. Assisted living may be a good choice for a senior who wants to remain as independent as possible but needs more personal care services than they can get at home or in a retirement community but does not need the level of supervision and around-the-clock care that would be provided in a nursing home.

What Do Assisted Living Facilities Provide?

Assisted living Linwood NJ facilities provide the safety and security that come with knowing you have support and access to care around the clock. At any time of the day or night, help is just a call away if you need it; however, privacy and independence are encouraged. Seniors who live in a good assisted living facility will usually have a personalized plan that is designed to accommodate their needs and requirements, while ensuring that they are provided with the freedom that they need to continue doing as much as they can for themselves.

Accommodation Type

In general, assisted living facilities are residential. They may offer converted homes or apartment complexes. Some provide just bedrooms, with communal dining areas, while others offer apartment-style living with scaled down kitchens that provide the basics for seniors to have the option to do more on their own. Most will have group common areas for social and recreational activities, along with group dining areas.

Services Offered

The type of services on offer may vary depending on the individual assisted living facility. In general, you can usually expect three meals a day to be provided; these will usually be served in a common dining area. Seniors can get assistance with everyday tasks such as dressing, cleaning, eating, bathing, and using the bathroom. Housekeeping and laundry services will usually be provided, along with transportation to medical appointments, activities and more. There will usually be some access to medical and health services on site, and residents will be provided with an emergency call system in their living space. Most assisted living facilities provide exercise and wellness programs along with a range of other recreational and social activities that residents can get involved with.

Is Assisted Living Right for You or Your Loved One?

Many people decide that assisted living is the right option for them if they need more access to help and support than is available at home, but they want to stay as independent as possible. People who are feeling lonely at home, struggling to keep up with household tasks or are finding it more difficult than it used to be when it comes to getting around and doing the things that they enjoy might benefit from moving to an assisted living facility, where they can have more basics taken care of for them and the support to live a fuller life.

Assisted living provides seniors with some personal care and support, while encouraging them to be as independent as possible and providing each resident with their own privacy.

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