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Are Do Dragonflies bite harmful to humans?

Do dragonflies are bright and colorful insects most active in the spring and summer. Do dragonflies bite are not life threating & infectious.

But, what do we know about such avian-looking ancient species? You may worry whether they are unsafe if they fly near your house. (Trigger alert! There aren’t!). Continue reading to discover something about dragonflies, especially their habitats.

How they help the ecosystem, as well as if they attack or sting

introduction of Do Dragonflies

Tall bodies, huge eyes, and shiny wings differentiate dragonflies as unique insects.

Although you may only encounter a single kind of dragonfly near your house. There are more than 5,000 varieties on the earth. They may be distributed worldwide. But generally inhabit rivers, streams, lakes, and grasslands with shallow surface water.

life cycle of Do Dragonflies bite

Do dragonflies have a limited life cycle, with several living just 1 to 2 weeks. But others survive up to eight weeks. Due to their limited lifecycle, dragonflies devote most of their time to feeding and reproducing.

The sexual reproduction process starts when an adult dragonfly gets up to a female dragonfly. And wraps his feet around her thoracic cavity. This ends in a twin fly when the couple’s sex organs unite. And their bodies create a large circle for reproduction.


Dragonflies release their eggs in a body of water

Following fertilization, female dragonflies release their eggs in a body of water. The eggs hatch for weeks or months. And the dragonfly’s embryo could last from one to two years, according to the water conditions.

These swimming dragonfly larvae contain big eyes, oval abdomens, six feet, and inhaling gills. Food that they eat

  • Baby dragonflies emerge from their larval skin
  • With fully grown eyes, feet, and wings after a time
  • During which they develop the ability to take their first breaths of air. When a mature dragonfly arises, it immediately starts to locate its victim and consume it while flying.

Mosquitoes, tiny insects, caterpillars, honey bees, and other insects are the food of dragonflies.

Many migrate, such as birds

Many dragonflies migrate similarly to birds. Some species travel from Canada to Mexico in North America during the late summer and autumn. As stated by the Migratory Dragonfly Partnership

There are around 326 dragonfly varieties in North America but only 16 types move regularly. Such dragonfly colonies are so large that they can be observed from satellites.

Dragonflies attack or hurt? 

If there are many dragonflies in your region, you may question if these flying insects bite. The simple truth is “yes of course.”

Remember, yet, that dragonflies lack stinging cells and cannot hurt you. But they do have teeth. So it is possible to bite.

Dragonflies are not violent insects, although they may attack to protect themselves. In most situations, the sting is harmless and will not puncture the skin.

Do dragonflies offer environmental benefits?

Dragonflies are very significant to the ecosystem. Dragonflies primarily consume mosquitoes and other flies. Thus they are very effective in reducing malaria transmission in residential areas. Every day, dragonflies may consume thousands of mosquitoes. If you see an increase in dragonflies near your house,

you may observe a reduction in insects, black flies, and other bugs.

Additionally, since they significantly impact on mosquito population management. Dragonflies contribute to lowering the risk of contracting illnesses. Spread by certain mosquito species, including the West Nile virus, malaria, and dog heartworms.

Some fascinating facts about dragonflies

Here are some further fascinating details about dragonflies:

  • Reptilian creatures dragonflies were larger

Nowadays, most dragonflies are tiny, with wingspans between 2 and 5 cm. Experts believe that ancient dragonflies were much bigger. Several of these flying insects have wingspans exceeding 2 cm.

  • The development from egg to adult ranges

The life span from egg to larvae to mature varies depending upon the temperature. Dragonflies that hatch in cooler water may require up to five years longer to mature into adults. However, dragonflies that hatch in warmer waters may reach maturity in around two years.

  • They are powerful fliers

Dragonflies are among the best fliers in the insect kingdom. Having the capacity to fly further and taller than many other flying insects. They are capable of speeds up to 40 kilometers per hour.

  • They have a remarkable vision

A dragonfly’s eyeball contains around 30,000 lenses, while a human eye has just one lens. As a consequence, dragonflies can see in all directions.

  • They have many adversaries

Dragonflies feed on horseflies, mosquitoes, and other bugs. But they also have their adversaries. Adult dragonflies are susceptible to being consumed by bigger dragonflies, spiders, eagles, and toads. As a larva, it is preyed upon by frogs, toads, and fish.

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