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Annual funds collection on gofundraising for a mighty cause

Every nonprofit organization has its own website nowadays on which they raise annual funds to help the needy and for the ongoing welfare projects in different areas of different countries. But these Organizations work for only a particular area or specific part of any country so only a few people know about these organizations. We have developed an easy fundraising platform named “gofundraisig” on which everyone from any part of the world can raise funds for himself and for others. This platform also allows nonprofit organizations to raise funds for their ongoing as well as new projects as this platform is being used by people all around the world. According to a calculation, about 50 percent of the people in this world are living a miserable life so this platform encourages the other 50 percent of the world population to help those who don’t enjoy the basic needs of food and shelter and health and education.

People living in underdeveloped countries face so many issues in their life just because they don’t enjoy the basic needs. Some nonprofit consulting organizations raise annual funds for such areas for welfare purposes. People in Uganda, Somalia, and different countries of Africa don’t have basic facilities they face food shortage, water shortage and they don’t have a health and education system for them, So this platform makes a donation request to those who are enough rich and enjoying the luxuries of life to donate some for the welfare of these areas and your every single penny will fill the light in the life of people living there. If you have enough money and every luxury of life and you think still you are unhappy then do an experiment of giving others and helping others for a mighty cause this will make your money fruitful for others and you will get internal satisfaction and happiness. Charity increases your wealth as God is with that person who helps others. Donate some part of your money as a share of God this will make you virtuous and you will get inner satisfaction and people will remind you in good words.

This platform allows anyone from any part of the world to donate and to accept annual funds for themselves and for the welfare of others so the platform raises the flag of peace and harmony. If you want to raise funds by using this platform first you have to join by signUp and the platform varifies either you are legit or not. Then you are allowed to submit a donation request but the donation request will not be live until you donate 20 dollars to any of the projects on the list. This is just an easy fundraising and timely donation collecting strategy and the platform has nothing to do with your 20 dollars. As you donated 20 dollars your donation request will be live on the platform and you can share it on different social media platforms to collect donations. You have to write the donation request keeping in mind how to make a go fund me page go viral as the viral page attracts more people and more donations. You can also present your project through a compelling video presentation as every donor should spend cash for a good purpose and we have donors across the world with different interests.

As your donation request for annual funds reaches the amount specified for the time being then the platform pings you on your email to withdraw the money. Thank the donors who supported you in charity work and make the withdrawal request through pay pal or your bank account. The platform charges 2 percent of the total amount as the managing fee which is used for the welfare purpose and the rest of the amount is received by you.

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