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Amazing Custom Engraving Options For Your Trophies!

Is it really worthy to present engraving awards to your employees?

If yes, then what options are available of engraving options for your award!

Indeed, employees usually love to see their name on their trophies and awards. Therefore, while choosing a recognition award, you need to present awards according to employees’ achievements. Whether you are picking stock or custom awards, every sort of achievement award has personalized engraving on their bases. 

Presenting a trophy that has the recipient name, date of presentation, and the name of the presenting organization, including logo will easily allow them to feel motivated and stay connected to your organization. In addition, imprinting a personal message or quote on awards can make them feel special.

One of the most important aspects of offering a recognition award is to guarantee that it is personalized for the recipient, event, or presenting organization. Offering an award that is totally generic and does not in some form recognize and celebrate the recipient or purpose of the award is less impactful. That’s why one simple and cost-effective way to personalize your awards and trophies is to incorporate a custom engraving on the base of your awards.

When buying your plaque in Singapore, the managers will assist you through the process of creating your engraving proof for your review and approval. Well, there are three options you have when selecting an engraving method for awards or trophies.

So, let’s have a look at the following!

Table of Content

1. Why are Engraving Awards the Right Choice?

2. Engraving Methods For Your Awards

  • Engraved Etchings In The Award’s Base
  • Engraving Directly Into The Award
  • Engraved Plates Affixed To The Award’s Base
  • Types Of Engraved Plates

3. Bottom Line

1. Why are Engraving Awards the Right Choice?

Engraving awards like Liu li in Singapore are the right choice for the employees to show them gratitude and feel appreciated. Usually, engraving gifts contain the name of the award, the name of the presenting organization, the date of presentation, a special phrase, quote, or motto. In addition to adding a straight text, these engravings can also include graphics like organizational logos, logotypes, or icons.

2. Engraving Methods For Your Awards

Engraved Etchings In The Award’s Base

In this method, the engraving information is laser-carved directly into the base of the award. Primarily, this engraving method applies to marble bases. In most cases, these engravings are loaded with gold or silver paint to make them visually more attractive from the base. You can imprint your company’s name or logo name on both gold-plated, silver-plated, and brushed pewter awards. Many clients consider this the most luxurious engraving method. But, it becomes impossible to incorporate a multi-coloured logo using this method.

Engraving Directly Into The Award

Some awards are already engraved in different designs and colours, while others require modifications according to employees’ achievements. These designs are typically crystal and glass awards. For these awards, the engraving can take the form of a 2D image engraved on the surface of the award, a 3D image engraved inside the award, or a combination of the two. You can design one particular award for your employees but it depends on the achievement of your employees. This improves the overall picture of your award and makes it look that much more cohesive and polished.

Engraved Plates Affixed To The Award’s Base

In this method, metal plates have the engraving information redirected onto their surface. These plates have then adhered to the base of the award or trophy. Generally, these plates are silver or gold-plated, although other colours are used as well. A few of the benefits of engraved plates are their capacity to support different colour images and logos, more text, and smaller/finer text and images. Engraved plates are almost always used for hardwood bases and operate better with marble and crystal bases as well.

Types Of Engraved Plates

Well, personalized engraving plates are available in a wide range of colours and materials. Some of them are two-tone or two-colour, while others can display a full gamut of colours. The main benefit of the sublimated plate over the on-base engraving is that it can hold more text characters, and can accommodate colour images like a company or brand logo. The right choice between these two choices really depends on the circumstances of your specific award.

3. Bottom Line

Things will get easier for you if you prefer a very reputed brand that is emphasized with a broad assortment of custom awards, trophies, and other engraved gifts. There are various companies that gain popularity due to their amazing services, guaranteed shipping options, payment alternatives, and reasonable cost.

In order to choose such a company for buying an engraving award, it is recommended that check around and compare the services and prices of companies with each other. So, whether it is about picking custom awards, plaques, medals, corporate gifts, and silver and crystal trophy in Singapore, do not neglect the option of ML Art Collection along with other extensive choices.

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