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About the village of Çıralı, Chimera, and Mount Olympus

In this article, we will cover the main village of our trip to Turkey. Çıralı is a magnificent place to be in. When we were in Kiev, Kiev tour guides advised us to visit it because while we were exploring Kievwe were talking about different best places to visit. Thus, even though it sounds odd but they are the ones who showed us this place.

Mount Olympus

When, in the heat of the season, guides sweep the ninth sweat every day to deal with the existing and non-existent problems of vacationers, they head over to meet all the expectations of tourists and the remaining pink childhood dreams – after all, they could pay SO MUCH money for the guides.

Not only the wooded mountains of the resort but also an alarm – need a rest! One of those places where we fled to hide and regain strength in the village of Chirali – an area of ​​authentic spirit where the Turkish hustle and bustle is forgotten. Kiev tour guides helped.

Instructions on Olympus Beach

The village of Chirali is the kind we meet in fairy tales! Somewhere, 30 kilometers from Kemer, in the distance you can see a spectacular natural landscape – a mountain bay surrounded by mountains and a winding road leading to a small village at the foot of the mountain drowned in plant greenery and divine peace.

Hammocks in the shade of trees overlooking the sea

Chirali has always been a very cozy place for me, reminiscent of something. Only later did I realize that it reminds me of other garden communities, where people grow fruit trees and where there is plenty of greenery, and instead of plots there are not wooden garden houses, but cozy restaurants and shops of craftsmen and authentic souvenirs.

There are only a few streets where it is quiet not to hear the crackling hotel “evening programs” or the big tourist hustle and bustle. Of course, there are no giant hotels, and the rest is offered in small villas or bungalows in bungalows, surrounded by lush gardens, next to the sea.

Window to Olympus Beach

One of the restaurants in Chirali

The restaurants here are without white tablecloths, but cozy and reminiscent of a pleasant stay with loved ones. Often the restaurant is a family business that employs both adults and children.

It was quite a coincidence that we managed to hit a restaurant that really far exceeded expectations, whose food was infinitely delicious and the prices were extremely attractive!

In a frequent restaurant of this type, you will see low tables and sofas

Extremely delicious lunch. Lunch for two, for example, cost a total of 97 lire, which is a little over 11 euros. When was the last time you saw such prices?

  • Super tasty chicken breast with champignon sauce, rice and salad cost 30 lire ~ 3.50 €;
  • Chicken wings with potatoes and salad 35 lira ~ 4 €;
  • A glass of beer 0.5 l. – 25 lira ~ 3 €;
  • And the juice of 7 lira ~ 0.80 €;

In addition, while we were hungry and waited for lunch, we got to taste fresh, soft bread with various kinds of spreads, and after a rich lunch, we were treated to dessert with sweet, ripe slices of watermelon. Kiev tour guides. And everything is free, to ensure the quality of restaurant service and to please customers – we succeeded.

Snacks while waiting for main courses

The prices in the restaurants are very similar everywhere, but we can already recommend the Lemon restaurant, which we tried ourselves and were very satisfied with. But Trip Advisor can give you more information about restaurants and their ratings.

Olympus Beach and Sea Turtles

River, mountain, sea…

We drove to this village not only to forget its streets but to relax on the beach here, whose landscape takes away its promise. Kiev tour guides. At the end of the beach stands the forested Mount Olympus, forming a bay in the sea and gently merging with it.

Who could better confirm the authenticity of this place, if not the fact that it is also loved by local hippies, whose culture blends perfectly with the atmosphere of this village?

But be careful when walking around the beach and gazing at the beauty of the surrounding nature! At night on the beach sand, the big sea turtles Caretta bury their eggs here and the little turtles hatch, starting their first life journey on the sand. At night, in general, walking around the beach is forbidden so that people do not disturb the peace of the turtles.

Warning about turtle eggs and a ban on hunting animals

I swear, writing this text, I was on the beach of Olympus 3 days ago and this time I had the opportunity to see with my own eyes a turtle, which unfortunately I did not see anyway.

Mudging around and sipping into the ruins of an ancient city, which I’ll tell you about soon, I walk away from the beach. After photographing beautiful sarcophagi and other historical relics, I returned satisfied. Kiev tour guides. Oh, that I knew what I was missing out on!

Maduro from the plane. Visible shallows – corals

Majuro is a real fringe of the world, unspoiled by tourists. Only 9,000 of them visit the Marshall Islands each year. Here I could still feel like a pioneer of tourism before the war. I didn’t even find travel books about the Marshall Islands in a giant US bookstore, and the only tourist information was printed on green A4 sheets at the hotel reception. 

But even the curiosities described there cannot be shown by the locals. And when they went to visit the “place of interest” copra factory, the locals were very surprised that it was interesting for someone (and did not take any money for a personal tour).

View of the lagoon from the hotel gazebos in the evening

Everything is surrounded by palm trees, nature. The boat roar across the lagoon (inside the horseshoe), at one end of the island, is Laura Beach. Standing on the seabed there is extremely difficult because a powerful current constantly carries you to the north. Palm branches and debris float downstream…

The Marshall Islands are not an ecological paradise, not a candy for tourists. It is most likely a state in the middle of the ocean, where people would not be able to imagine life without the coast: they see it almost anywhere in their homeland.

The ruins of the defensive castle

As soon as I left, one man saw a turtle strolling in the sand! I only heard how small he was, how bright green, how he stabbed his legs, and all the other beautiful things I didn’t see! A friend assured me that he had been shouting at me until those around him no longer started to look at the turtle, but at it. And I didn’t hear absolutely anything.

Finally, everyone admired, took the turtle safely to the sea so that nothing would happen to him… Although so much. Also, info you are interested in more specific ways of earning money, check out our friends talking about amazon fulfillment possibilities.

In conclusion

The trip was amazing, no major problems occurred during the trip. Kiev tour guides definitely advised well regarding the places. If you are interested in meeting great people around the world that maybe advise the same way as Kiev guides, check out

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