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A comprehensive guide on cell phone jammers

The use of cellphones is increasing with each passing day. Almost every age group has access to cell phones in todays world. With the increase in telecom equipment, the problems and solutions have also increased. The same is the case for cell phone jammers; they are both beneficial and disastrous to use. Not every person has the consent to use the mobile phone jammers. The individual who wants to use the jammers must get a license from the authorities to use it.

There are certain situations under which people want mobile users to stop using their mobiles for talking purposes, such as cinemas, theaters, meeting rooms, security institutions, etc. They install cell phone jammers on their premises and do not let them use their mobiles for conversations.

Scroll down further to get a complete idea of cell phone jammers and under what circumstances one must opt for using them.

What are cell phone jammers?

Mobile signals transmit to and from the mobile device to the base station.  It enables communication between different mobile users. In such cases, when cell phone jammers act as blockers, cell phone jammers are devices that interrupt the transmission of the signal from the mobile phone to the base station.

Cell phone jammers transmit the signals with the same radio frequencies as the mobile signal. The signal transmission is zero where these jammers are active. Such jammers help maintain silence in situations where using mobile phones or transmission of signals is not allowed.

The users of cell phone jammers must get a license to use them to not operate without consent. TRA type approval is a must for mobile jammers to use or sell them further.

How do cell phone jammers work?

Mobile communication is two-way communication. A sender sends a signal through its mobile to the base station, and the base station further transmits the signal to the receiver. The jammer signals work so that it transmits at the frequency equal to the mobile movement. There comes the point when the jammer signal overpowers the mobile signals and blocks the transmission of the signal to the receiver.

The cellular or cell phone jammers either block the signal’s transmission or create noise during an ongoing call. The jammers work not only to disrupt a call; rather, they also stop the messaging service between two entities.

List of jammer components

A cell phone jammer consists of several electronic components and devices. Some of the important elements in a cell phone jammer are as follows.

  • Transistors
  • Capacitors
  • Amplifiers
  • LED
  • Timer
  • Oscillator
  • Tuning circuit
  • Noise generator

The components above and some other important parts together form a complete cell phone or mobile phone jammer.

Benefits of using jammers

1. Helps maintain silence where required

There are areas or places where maintaining silence is important. To achieve this goal, people use cellular jammers to restrict others from making calls in places where keeping silence is mandatory. The list of places where jammers are available to maintain silence is as follows.

  • Libraries
  • Seminars/ conferences
  • Theaters
  • Cinemas
  • Meeting rooms
  • Religious places
  • Classrooms or lecture rooms

2. Security purposes

Cellular jammers play a great role in security purposes. Security institutions use mobile phone jammers to block communication where they sense any threat or bomb detection.  Cell phone jammers can help avoid disastrous situations.

Security institutions are now using more and more mobile jammers while carrying out any important security mission.

Disadvantages of using jammers

1. Costly

Cell phone jammers come at different prices, but for better results and block a wide area’s communication, expensive jammers are essential. Not everyone can afford costly jammers and achieve their goals.

2. Limited range

One of the disadvantages of jammers is that they can operate in a limited range. Some of the jammers can block mobile phone signals that are at a few meters of distance. One can block the signals of a single building or a wall, but no more than that. The strength and range of a mobile jammer are limited to a building or a place; they are ineffective outside the building’s premises.

3. Personal benefits

There are possibilities that some people may use the mobile phone jammers for their benefits and may hear the communication of two parties. It may result in privacy issues because one can access two people sharing information over a phone call or through a message. That is why it cannot use a cellphone jammer without a license and TRA type approval. Get the consent for using such devices to avoid any claims by the authorities in the future.

Are cell phone jammers legalized?

The use of mobile jammers to block radio signals or communication is illegal in the law’s eyes. People need to make phone calls to deal with emergencies such as calling the police, ambulances or the fire brigade and blocking the calls in such situations is illegal. That is why cell phone jammers are illegal to own, buy, sell and use. Only the security institutions and the governmental authorities have the right to use the jammers with proper approval and license.

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