A Brief Guide to Easy Sofa Cleaning Tips that Everyone Can Afford


A Brief Guide to Easy Sofa Cleaning Tips that Everyone Can AffordFollowing proper cleaning practices is essential regardless of whether your sofa requires undergoing a complex stain removal or a simple freshening process. Regular cleaning is indispensable for keeping your sofa smelling fresh with a new charm at every look. Different upholstery furniture cleaning products exist to remove stains, spills, dust, and mold; of which a few need professional assistance. However, if you have decided to clean your upholstery furniture on your own, here are some sofa cleaning tips for you to consider while choosing your furniture.

Go for a Fabric that Makes Cleaning Easy
It is known that the upholstery fabric should be such that it matches with your lifestyle apart from being fit to the room size. However, it is equally vital to choose the fabric that can make cleaning easy and hassle-free. This expectation weighs high when you have kids and pets.
If you are a fan of cotton, it is a good choice if you need highly durable upholstery that is also resistant to wear. However, when it comes to stains and wrinkles, cotton does not show a good level of resistance. Nevertheless, blends and top-finishes consider this limitation and make this soft material a bit more sustainable.
Similarly, wool is also a great choice for comfort and resiliency but it is not comfortable when it comes to implementing the easy  Sofa Upholstery Dubai sofa cleaning tips. While spot cleaning might work, most woolen furniture is handled through dry cleaning.
On the other hand, the synthetic microfiber material is more stain-resistant and is ideal for those who long for comfort. However, it is not a choice of those who do not like spills. Common synthetics such as Olefin, polyester, and acrylic are ideal because they are durable, easy to clean, and highly resistant to static and stains.
Know the Cleaning Codes
For making cleaning an error-free process, manufacturers disclose the most apt cleaning code on a label stuck on the furniture. Recognizing this label can help you know whether that upholstery piece is suitable for your home along with the efforts you need to put in with the different furniture cleaning products.
The code W refers to cleaning with water, while S means using a furniture cleaning solvent. The combination of both the codes, SW, means to use both solvent and water for cleaning, while X refers to using only a soft brush or dry cleaning for removing deep stains.
Choose the Most Apt Top-Finish
Different manufacturers offer a variety of top-finishes for upholstery but you should choose the one that ensures maximum protection from the possible threats. For example, most staining substances affecting your furniture are water-based, due to which the finish needs to be strong enough to protect from all such stains. Such coating also makes it easy to discolor any spills on your furniture.
Apart from water-based stains, the remaining ones might be caused by the oil residue or grimy dirt. Keeping this in mind, you need to research about the top-finishes that ensure defense against such stains.

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