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What is hot yoga?

Hot yoga is a dynamic yoga, performed in a hot and humid studio. There are different types of hot yoga.

In Bikram for example, the room is heated to 40 ° C. This is a 90-minute program in which you will perform different standing yoga positions.
Each figure works for all your muscle groups – it’s very physical yoga, with the heat quickly raising your heart rate.

Hot yoga is not for everyone: the intensity of the classes and the high temperatures can cause discomfort. And more pragmatically, some people just don’t like to practice in the heat!
Consult a doctor before starting this type of yoga, especially if you have any health concerns or are pregnant. It is worth avoiding if you are heat intolerant, or if you have a history of heart disease.

Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your workout. Stop if you are feeling unwell or dizzy.

Which yoga mat to do hot yoga on?
The whole point of a mat is that it provides you with better cushioning than the hard floor in your yoga class. Unfortunately, as soon as you start to sweat, most of them turn into rinks.

The best yoga mat for doing Bikram will therefore be a non-slip mat, gripping enough to withstand the liters of perspiration you will leave on!

We advise you to choose a cork and natural rubber mat: this will allow you to carry your dog upside down without worrying about slipping.
Cork is the perfect cover for hot yoga, it is naturally antibacterial, and the more you sweat the more non-slip it will be: perfect, right?
The rubber underlay will allow your mat to adhere to the wet room floor.
You warriors for long minutes without having to readjust because of the humidity!

If you want good cushioning to protect fragile joints, a thick mat is best.

Most importantly, don’t forget to clean your mat at the end of the lesson otherwise it will quickly become unusable. It is better to let it dry well (flat) between each lesson, this will increase its life.

Additional information:
Yogamatata yoga mats are available for testing at Modo Yoga in Paris. Don’t hesitate to try them out in their hot studios!

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