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9 web development trends for publishers

9 web development trends for publishers

  1. Progressive web apps 

It is based on the internet evolution to HTML 5. You can provide a smooth user experience, with native apps. This would integrate with the user’s phone experience. 

Flipkart for instance, gained a 70% hike in conversions after they tried a progressive web application. Here’s their case study on it. 

  1. AMP – Accelerated mobile pages or AMP, is designed to ‘up’ the overall performance of one’s website. People are not going to stop buying phones, at least not in the next 20 years. 

The readership through mobile phones skyrockets all other screen choices. This reading revolution has started gaining attention as it draws in more users towards varied platforms. With a fast-paced lifestyle, the reader prefers a fast website.

It’s safe to say that AMP is here to stay.

  1. Chatbots?

Are you still apprehensive about chatbots? Worried they might annoy readers? 

Chatbots take that extra load off your shoulders. They respond to all the basic and monotonous questions that readers may have. It not only helps you guide your readers through your page but also helps you motivate your readers to subscribe. You can keep them updated easily. 

  1. Gifs 

Readers continue to show interest in platforms that are interactive and don’t look too grey. While it can cause a slow load, gifs tend to bring the right amount of dynamics to websites. 

They’re diverse and can be used to set the context, provide a breathing gap, act as a division, and the favorite – humor. 

  1. Single-page applications 

SPAs are all about serving an outstanding user experience by trying to imitate the “natural” environment in a web browser. Minimal wait time as there is no page reload. It is just one web page that is being visited by you which then loads all other content using Javascript — which they heavily depend on.

  1. Javascript 

The use of javascript in coding has been popular over the decade. Its relevance is only likely to grow. It seems to be a trend that programmers over the world seem to depend on. Investing in learning the same would be a completely rational choice. 

  1. Voice search optimization 

With wireless earphones going through an evolution, audio is going to see a boost from users. You need to make sure that an Alexa home can find your content with ease. As a content creator, you’ll have to find sources to ensure you’ve got a podcast going or an audio file to support audiences who’d rather hear your story than read it. 

It’s safe to say that a busy life has led to people leaning into their headphones in search of an escape or updates. While you can’t be sure of how long a user reads, you can invest in voice search optimization to get all voice search devices to root for you!

  1. Cyber security 

Netizens don’t enjoy being tormented. It hinders their experience massively. Providing security on the web has its gold points. Web extensions, applications, browsers themselves, are all options users will seek in their need for cybersecurity. 

  1. Affordability 

No matter what service it is you’re providing, you need to understand that at least 10 other people are doing the same thing. Affordability plays a huge role in marketing your service/product. 

The web is no longer an elite party. Web participants have a lot of things to dabble, make sure your pitch is tempting and not a mere price tag sticking in their mailbox. Revise your plans depending on your competition. Everybody cares about the bills, just like you!

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