9 Important Questions To Ask Your Conveyancer

Buying or selling property is one of the biggest financial deals in an individual’s life. Hence, it is important to have a professional on your side to manage the process effectively. For this reason, most people employ a property conveyancer to complete the deals on their behalf. A conveyancer is a legal expert versed in all the rules, regulations and policies regarding real estate. So, they can assist the homeowners at various stages of the deal.

However, it is crucial to choose a reputable, experienced, and knowledgeable Pakenham conveyancer to make the property trade easy for you. On the contrary, if you select an unprofessional or inexperienced individual, you may face delay and financial loss in completing the deal. So, it is essential to pay special attention before finalising a conveyancing solicitor for the deal. By asking the right questions, you can judge if a conveyancer is skilled and qualified enough to help you. 

We have listed some important questions that you can ask the conveyancers, and figure out if they are the ideal choice to manage the deal. 

9 Important Questions You Should Ask Your Conveyancer

For How Long Have You Been Working As A Property Conveyancer?

Having decent work experience is essential in every profession, and property conveyancing is no different. By asking how many years the conveyancing lawyers are working in the real estate industry, you can effectively get to know about their experience. The individuals working in the industry for a long time have the knowledge and skills to facilitate a hassle-free property trade experience for you.

Because, over the years, they have seen various real estate trends and amendments in the property rules and guidelines. It enables them to make the right decisions on your behalf that help you get the most value out of a deal. So, you should only choose an experienced property conveyancer for buying or selling property.

What Are The Additional Charges Associated With Conveyancing?

Other than the conveyancing fee, there are various taxes, government charges, etc. that the conveyancer pays on your behalf. So, it is better to become familiar with all the additional charges related to buying or selling the property.

This way, you can do the budgeting efficiently so that there are no delays in the process due to insufficient funds. Generally, the most common expenses are easily kept on track, but the indirect or hidden charges are easy to miss out on. 

Things You Should Know Before Purchasing A Property 

Things You Should Know Before Selling A Property

Moreover, always feel free to ask your conveyancers about any doubt regarding various expenses or if you face difficulty understanding a particular process.

Do You Provide Insurance Cover?

Although conveyancing lawyers have a good understanding of the property laws and related processes, there is always a possibility of human error. For example, if a conveyancer completed the whole process but forgot to submit an important document to the local authorities’ office. If you have insurance in such a scenario, you are free from the liability of paying the penalty or fine for the mistake in the documentation.

The conveyancing firm providing an insurance cover will fix the issue on their own whether it is financial or legal. However, if you will not ask this question, you might end up hiring a conveyancer that doesn’t provide insurance cover. Consequently, if something goes wrong at any time during the deal, you need to manage it on your own.

Do All The Details Are Mentioned in The Contract?

It is better to discuss with the conveyancers the information mentioned in the contract of sale. You need to know in advance about the things mentioned in the contract to avoid any problems in the future. Most people think that the accessories they saw while inspecting the house in the beginning, are covered in the contract.

For example, if the television mount is mentioned in the documentation, it does not mean that you will get a TV also as you may have seen in the pictures. Similarly, there are multiple things related to the property on which you can get clarity by discussing the contract of sale with the conveyancer.

Keep in mind that the house you saw at the time of inspection has a lot of additional accessories to attract buyers. But, when you actually purchase the property, you may not necessarily get them all.

What Are Your Qualifications?

It is not necessary that an individual not having the degrees and qualifications is bad at conveyancing. Still, it is better to hire a qualified conveyancing lawyer to eliminate the possibility of any sort of issue. Also, the factor from where an individual graduated makes a difference. You should give preference to the ones who have completed their legal education from a reputable college or university. 

Moreover, this question also checks the confidence of the conveyancers. Notice how they answer about their qualifications. Are they positive and confident, or is their voice cracking? You can easily judge by analysing the conveyancer’s way of answering. It will automatically reflect if the individual has the required knowledge about the real estate industry or not. All in all, the skills and knowledge are the must-have things, while the qualifications are an added advantage.

How Much Your Service Cost?

Your budget is one of the most important considerations while looking for a conveyancer. For this reason, you must not hesitate to ask this question, as it will help you manage your expenses effectively. However, the conveyancing cost varies depending on many factors like search fees, various taxes, and other similar expenses. It means for every property deal, the conveyancing firm charges a different amount.

Moreover, the taxes and other government fees vary for different locations. For instance, in Melbourne conveyancing charges will be different compared to the other cities. So, there is no fixed amount that you have to pay to the conveyancer after deal completion. However, reputable conveyancers give you detailed information about the expenses involved in the property deal along with the amount they charge in various scenarios. 

Keep in mind to not hire an inexperienced conveyancer for saving money. Some conveyancing lawyers offer their services at very low prices from the average to attract clients. However, later in the property trade process, they will either overcharge you or compensate the amount in one way or the other. On the other hand, reputable conveyancers may not be the cheapest alternatives, but their services are worth it as there are no irregularities in their work.

Do You Take Jobs From Both The Parties?

Most property owners are unaware of the fact that the same conveyancer can provide the services to both buyer and seller. So, it is better to ask the conveyancers if they are open to working with both parties simultaneously or offering their services to only the buyer or seller. Although it is legal for both parties to have the same conveyancer, it can cause conflicts in the property trade.

In a situation, where the conveyancing lawyer doesn’t provide the same advice to both, either the buyer or seller ends up in a less profitable state. It can cause unnecessary delays in the property trade. So, if you are not comfortable with the conveyancing lawyers working with the other party also, clearly ask this thing before hiring them. Alternatively, you can find an independent conveyancer that will work only for you.

Do You Provide Online Conveyancing Services?

Online conveyancing is much more convenient and simple than its offline counterpart. Both property buyers and sellers can directly log in and monitor various transactions, documents, etc related to the conveyancing. Hence, you can keep track of your property deal remotely from any location. Moreover, online conveyancing services make communication easier between brokers, lenders, accountants, and agents. As a result, a lot of time and effort is saved, allowing you to close deals faster. For this reason, online conveyancing is slowly coming into the mainstream

Are You Registered With My Mortgage Lender?

Most of the lenders that provide mortgages only work with the conveyancers that are registered with them. So, it is better to ask the conveyancing lawyers if they are approved by your preferred lenders, or not. Otherwise, you may lose the opportunity to get the mortgage. If the lender finds out that you are working with a conveyancing solicitor not registered with them, they can reject your mortgage application on the spot. However, if you still want to work with a conveyancing firm not approved by the mortgage lender, you need to pay more than average. 


By asking the above questions from property conveyancers, you can assure choosing the best one for managing a property deal. However, before asking these questions from the conveyancing lawyers, you should figure out your requirements in advance. Because, if you have clarity over what you want, only then you can negotiate and cross-question the conveyancing solicitors effectively. Moreover, you can connect to an experienced online solicitor with the help of an online search. Keep your location in the search query to get the most relevant online conveyancing options near your locality. 

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