How to Start a Cleaning Business

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Starting a cleaning business has endless opportunities for success. If you are interested in creating a clean space for home and business owners, and are determined to be your own owner, there are some important steps you need to take to start your business. Decide your services There are several cleaning services that you can offer depending on your client. For example you can choose to provide maid services, confidential services, niche cleaning or carpet cleaning. Deciding what services you provide will help you effectively target potential customers. For example, do you want to reach homeowners or business owners? Answering this question will help you develop an effective marketing strategy. Register your business In Ontario, you can register your business as a general partnership or sole proprietorship. You will need a business name that you can brand with potential customers, among other requirements. Businesses with similar names must enter the elite report or the Ontario Business Name Search to view it. Your registration will be valid for 5 years. Alternatively, you have the option to add a business where you will receive name protection, personal liability protection and permanent registration for the business. Plan your actions There are many components to running your cleaning business, from prices to suppliers and regulations. Some of the basic ingredients to consider include: Pricing:

Decides what services you want to provide to clients, and for what price. For example, you may want to include dust, sweep, and surface cleaning as part of your basic package, but you can offer clients extras such as drop cleaning and laundry at an additional cost.

Licenses and Regulations: Make sure your cleaning business adheres to any applicable rules and regulations. To handle chemical cleaning supplies, you and your employees may need to be trained in the information system for hazardous exercise materials. Also, make sure you have obtained any municipal, provincial or federal permit. Location: Cleaning business owners often choose to run their own business because of the nature of the cleaning services. If you choose to open an office location, make sure it serves as a practical place to store, repair and run your business, because clients rarely will come to your Transportation: For example, you or your team will have to visit your client’s home or office, and many cleaning business owners brand their vehicles with the business logo. Make sure transportation is safe and efficient for you and your employees, while also promoting your business. Suppliers: You will need to find a supplier for your cleaning equipment, such as vacuum, sweep, transport cartons, chemical cleaners and more. Whether you’re opening a maid service, door service, niche cleaning business, or any other cleaning company, the information above will help you succeed.


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