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7 Reasons You Should Buy Basic iPad In Lieu Of iPad Pro

iPad is the tablet manufactured by Apple. It’s a mobile device that has an inbuilt operating system and comes with a touchscreen display. It’s a handy product and has been widely used by people to send and receive emails, chats, viewing photos and videos, browsing the internet, and much more. It comes under luxury electronics and is the best selling tablet worldwide. Besides the amazing capability and versatility, iPads are also expensive. Buying them is not just for everyone; you will have to spend a lot of money fulfilling your passion for the iPad. The other option is to go with refurbished iPads. These are much cheaper than brand new iPads and are fully functional. Buying these can land you an incredible deal. You can easily find refurbished iPad Pro, mini, etc. by doing some online and offline research.

Nowadays, there are four different iPad models available in the market; basic iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. And every model has its unique benefits and features. But, when choosing between iPad Pro and basic iPad, most people go with the basic 10.2-inch model.

This article will enlist eight compelling reasons why you should buy the most basic iPad model instead of iPad Pro. 

  • Basic iPads Fits Everyone’s Pockets.

The most common reason to buy the standard iPad is its low price. The basic iPad price is almost half that of the iPad Pro. It starts at $329, whereas the starting price of the iPad Pro is $649. And it exhibits almost all features that are required by the general user. Anyone can afford it, while buying an iPad Pro can put a hole in the pocket of low budget buyers. Purchasing a basic 9.7″ iPad is a pocket-friendly option and best for students and casual use.

  • It Connects To Almost All Accessories Expect Apple’s Smart Keyboard

The standard iPad comes with Bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity features that allow it to connect to several accessories. It can be connected to almost all accessories the iPad Pro model can, like Apple pencil, mouse, etc. The only thing which is not supported by the standard iPad is Apple’s smart keyboard, while iPad Pro’s built-in smart connector chip connects it automatically to Apple’s smart keyboard. But, it’s not a big deal because there are much cheaper iPad keyboards available in the market.

  • iPad Pro Is Portable Enough

If you are into the “portable” form factor, it would be best to choose the basic iPad model. The basic iPad screen size is 10.2 inches, which seemed to be the right tablet size by most people. On the other hand, iPad Pro comes in two different sizes; 12.9 inches and 11 inches. Therefore, if you want to own a portable tablet, then you should buy a basic iPad.

The previous models of iPad and iPad Pro were having a smaller screen size than the current. The standard iPad was available in a 9.7-inch screen, and iPad Pro was 10.5 inches and 12.9 inches. You can buy refurbished iPad Pro and standard iPad if you want to stick with the smaller screen

  • HD Quality Camera

However, iPad Pro models come with better facetime cameras, but the most basic iPad also offers 72pHD quality photos and videos, which would be perfectly fine for regular use. Another thing to note is that we seldom use the iPad to click photos; therefore, there is no need to spend so many bucks buying an iPad Pro.

  • Basic iPad And iPad Pro weigh The Same.

If you are concerned about the iPad’s weight, consider this; the weight of 10.2 inch iPad and 11 inch iPad Pro is almost the same. But the 12.9 inch iPad Pro is heavier than these two models. Hence, if you search for a lightweight tablet, a basic iPad is worth considering.

  • You Get the Same iOS Operating System.

Both iPad Pro and standard iPad support iOS, which signifies that you will get the same incredible iOS experience no matter what you use. Apple stores are available on both devices, and the same updates are sent on them by the manufacturer.

  • Uses Same Generation Of Hardware

When it comes to hardware components, you need not worry because all iPads that belong to the same generation use the same generation hardware components. For instance, the hardware components used in the 8th generation iPad Pro and standard iPad are the same.

In Final Words:

To sum up, there is no notable difference between the basic iPad and iPad Pro functionality. If your budget is quite low, you should opt to buy a standard 10.2 inch iPad.

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