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7 Immunity boosting foods: Nuts, Berries & More in 2021

Immunity boosting foods:- Pandemic has tested our immunity system both at individual and at community levels. Unfortunately, the pandemic is far from over. It is raising its ugly head in several parts of the world again. We need to boost our immunity to keep it at bay.

Vaccination may have come, but still our first defense is our immunity system and its strength. The immunity depends on our health and what we eat to a great extent. Increase the intake of following food items to gain many healthy benefits including a strong immunity. 

The best thing is that several of these items are easily available around us. We do not have to spend a fortune to buy them. Let us study these food items.

Importance of immunity

Immunity is the best defense against common health threats. Even after vaccination, it is our immunity that will be protecting us from any infection of the latest variants of the coronavirus.  The Immune system is based on work of certain cells and antibodies.  

Some cells known as phagocytes kill microbes. B cells generate antibodies that neutralize microbes and allergens.

The production of these protective cells decline in our body as we age. Also with certain lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, and heart issues, the production of these beneficial cells comes down. This is why; many patients who got affected with covid 19 were seniors with many health issues.

We need to increase the production of these cells through change in lifestyle and diet. Not only in younger days, but also in old age, we need a healthy diet to increase immunity and maintain the level of immunity that is enough to neutralize external viruses entering the body.

Role Of Nuts as Immunity boosting foods:

Just a handful of nuts a day are enough to keep down the risk of heart issues, diabetes and cancer. The findings in BMC journal reveal that 20 grams a day cut down the risk of dying from heart attack by 22 percent. Nuts provide us unsaturated fat, fiber, and protein.

Nuts, especially walnuts, have omega 3, which cleans blood vessels of any waxy substance that blocks the blood flow.  However, it must be mentioned that salted variety available in packs and unhealthy snacks are not the right source of nuts.



Berries including black berries and strawberries are full of antioxidants and full of goodness for health.  Study by British Journal of nutrition mentioned that women who consumed flavonoid rich food had longer lifespans than others who did not.

In several countries, the fresh berries are not available. So, frozen variety is the best option. Frozen fruits retain all nutrients. Take berries out of the freezer; let them come to the normal room temperature before consuming them at breakfast. 

Males who are facing erection and are prescribed Generic cialis 60mg issues are suggested to increase intake of berries to promote blood flow in the pelvic area.

Green vegetables:

Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower prevent onset of certain cancers in addition to their health benefits. Reports from American journal of clinical nutrition mentioned that people who are regular on these vegetables had lower cases of heart diseases compared to groups who ate fewer vegetables.

We get vitamin, plant based fiber and minerals from Cruciferous vegetables. The sulphur compound in them protects cells from damage from free radicals.

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Dietary fiber from grain is behind longevity according to a study published in JAMA internal medicine. The Fiber also regulates blood sugar levels, and cholesterol.  The fiber remains undigested in our gut, which increases the health of our microbiome. The by-products of the digestion process provide the mentioned benefits.


The simple reason is that beans cut the risk of cardiovascular diseases considerably. Nutritionists say that people who live longer have less meat in their diet. They even remove meat for beans in their diet. Beans increase intake of fiber in our diet. The reduced saturated fat improves heart function and increases circulation health.

Cholesterol formation is seen in people with higher meat consumption. In mid aged males, cholesterol raises risk of erectile dysfunction. Males who were using sildenafil citrate 200mg, at least half of them have had cholesterol issues.


People with regular intake of chilies have better cardiovascular health compared to people who do not eat or like spice at all. The capsaicin in chilies, studies have found, has a role in boosting heart health and cutting the risk of lifestyle diseases. 

It also lowers cancer risk. The same ingredient, capsaicin, is a super anti-inflammatory agent. The chilies pastes are also available to help you choose the best one matching your taste and endurance for chilies.



A nutritionist in England mentioned that there is no harm in moderate consumption of coffee. Coffee compounds like chlorogenic acid neutralizes free radicals.  Such a substance also acts as a strong antioxidant.  The action of coffee will curb inflammation in the body. 

The study also mentioned that black coffee is a better option, but if you like using milk, prefer skimmed milk, not full fat milk.

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Exercises, sleep and managing stress:

Even moderate exercises help our body to transport T cells and antibodies. These are the protectors of our bodies. Just 15 minutes of walking are enough to increase the capacity of  cells to boost our immunity. Make sure that any activity you choose is part of your routine, which you can perform at least a couple of times a week for better results.

Lack of good sleep makes our immune system weak. It has been proved by numerous medical studies.  Sleep losses have been linked with increased cases of lifestyle diseases. 8 hours sleep is recommended for a healthy immune system.

Constant stress, which is affecting daily life, is a threat to our immune system. It adversely affects our endocrine system and immunity. 

Higher stress levels can completely shut down the immune defense. The simple steps to deal with stress are yoga, meditation, positive thinking and spending time in activities you like.

Combine these simple life changes to get a strong protection from current pandemic. Along with diet and exercises, reduce consumption of alcohol, smoking, processed food, unhealthy snacks, refined products, red meat. 

Red meat and salt consumption should be moderate. Consult your nutritionist to make a list of foods and exercise you can implement without going out of your way.


Naturally cure erectile dysfunction:

In addition to giving boost to your immunity, these diet and lifestyle changes will be enough to cure permanently any erection defect. All foods and other steps mentioned here are parts of the natural remedies suggested to males with erection difficulties. Of course, these males have medicines to boost erection, but medicines work only for a few hours. The permanent relief from erection issue comes only with a lifestyle intervention.


The best Immunity boosting foods comes when they are part of the wider balanced diet and are supported by even moderate exercises.  In addition to increasing intake of these food items, one should also have to reduce smoking, alcohol and unhealthy food habits.

In certain countries, the fresh fruits may not be available in winters. Frozen fruits retain their nutrient values for a longer period. Do not depend on packed juices.

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