7 Easily Avoidable Mistakes that can Kill your B2B eCommerce

B2B e-commerce has become the retailers’ perfect choice in recent days. B2B marketplace dominates the online market that gains more attention from aspiring entrepreneurs. The retail businesses need brand visibility at the same time they need to reduce their operational cost. This can achieved only through B2B eCommerce.  Apart from these, there are many more reasons why wholesalers seek B2B eCommerce. It improves business opportunities and lets you acquire more new customers. Also will give better insight into the performance of your multi-vendor marketplace platform and can gain good customer relationships. Although we can get experience with all the above-mentioned advantages through our multi-vendor marketplace platform, still many entrepreneurs struggle to survive. The main reason is they fail to avoid the major mistakes that ruin their online business. Let us check out the mistakes that are to be avoided to run a successful multi vendor marketplace platform.

Mistakes that can be avoided to run the multi-vendor marketplace platform effectively

Improper website

The multi-vendor e-commerce website is the entry for your online business. Only through your website, people will buy the products and you will start earning profit. But if the website is not properly developed and maintained then you need to forget about the website traffic. The multi-vendor marketplace platform should be user-friendly with all essential features. Only a flawless multi-vendor marketplace platform can get you good business. When the visitors are not attracted to the theme or if they find it difficult to search a product or if they find the checkout process to be more complicated then they will immediately abandon the site without any hesitation. So it is very essential to give more importance when you build an e-commerce website from scratch. If you plan to purchase a readymade solution SEO then you may not worry more as they will have every essential thing as an inbuilt one.

Lack of product details

People visit your multi-vendor marketplace platform mainly to purchase the product that they have in mind. Your product page should contain a detailed description of each product so that the customer will get a clear picture of the product and its quality and make. When the visitor finds all relevant information on the same page then he will be saving more time and finally, he can easily decide on purchasing the product. To improve the conversion rate you need to add every detailed point about the product like available colors, size, size chart, weight, model number, and related products. You need to be smarter in displaying your products and you need to understand the customers’ behavior that keeps changing often.

Unfamiliar payment options

Providing a familiar payment option to your customers is a great tool for conversion. Every multi-vendor marketplace platform needs to have multiple payment options that will make customers feel comfortable in paying to buy the product. You need to understand when you sell online you will get global customers visiting your multi-vendor marketplace platform. So you should provide the payment option that is popular in their geographical area and you need to have an extensive range of payment options in your multi-vendor marketplace platform. This will make customers get a hassle-free shopping experience and will help you to increase the conversion rate and to reduce the cart abandon rate.

Lack of third-party integration

Since there is a gradual growth in the online market, the users will expect a flexible B2B multi-vendor marketplace platform that will fit into any situation. Every businessman will follow several systems and platforms to simplify their business operations. Most of them will have separate accounting software to maintain their accounts and payroll and HRM software to deal with employee salary and other employee-related issues. To make it complete these platforms need to be integrated with your existing multi-vendor marketplace platform. By doing so, you are allowing the user to handle the whole operation under one roof. If you fail to integrate it in your multi-vendor marketplace platform then users will search for some other multi-vendor marketplace platform that supports this feature.

Marketing and promotional aspects

The promotion of the multi-vendor marketplace platform is very important because you need to increase the website traffic to get genuine leads. So it is very important to have a perfect marketing strategy that will boost your visibility and gets you greater reach. When we talk about promoting the multi-vendor marketplace platform we cannot ignore the social media channels that have a vital role in getting you more sales and conversions. Build a separate page on each social media platform and reach your target audience in a short time. You need to keep posting on regular basis. This will increase the credibility of your multi-vendor marketplace platform and you can get brand recognition among your audience.

Customer support

We all know that the multi-vendor marketplace platform is a virtual store where the customer. Will not be able to see the salesperson or any other employee of the platform. So people will have an aversion to deal with the multi-vendor marketplace platform initially. Here we need to build trust by having a rapport with the customer. With several live communication channels like live chat, WhatsApp, FB messenger, and many more. Customers will have several queries in their mind and they seek your attention for every aspect. You should never leave your customer unattended. You should always be on their side and should listen to their complaints. Should do the needful immediately and make them feel comfortable shopping. With your multi-vendor marketplace platform.


Anyone can easily create a website like amazon by just investing the least amount. But making the multi-vendor marketplace platform a successful one is the real challenge. When we become more focused on the development of the platform. Then we will never repeat any of the mistakes mentioned above. You need to make sure that all the customers who visit your multi-vendor marketplace platform are delighted. With your platform and they will come again and again to your multi-vendor marketplace platform for repeated orders.

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