7 Amazing Restaurant Table Setting Designs That Will Impress Your Customers

Lets discuss some tips to decorate the restaurant table that will impress your customers.

Giving your home, restaurant, or any other venue an attractive, neat, and clean look is as easy as changing the decoration of your interior and tables from season to season. If you want to give a new seasonal look to your table or just make its central point an attraction in the entryway or set the table for any special occasion, elements like table runners are one of the most important things for these. In this article, we will discuss tips to decorate the restaurant table that will impress your customers.

When a customer walks into a restaurant and sits down, many of their initial impressions will be based on the first thing they see and a table setting is definitely one the most important for that. Even if the food is good and prices are fair, but the customer doesn’t have a good first impression at the restaurant, then they will most likely never come and eat there again.

So, for restaurant owners, it’s most important to make their table look attractive that impresses every customer who will come. You can use a tablecloth, round table linen, chair covers, table runners, centerpieces, and many other decorative things to enhance the look of your table. Tablecloths, table runners, and table linens are the best table decorations that are available in a variety of different sizes, colors, and fabrics that suit the personal style of everyone. Here are some restaurant table setting ideas that will help to impress your guests and make them talk about your restaurant and bring them back in droves:

1. Seasonal Flower in Creative Vessels


Seasonal Flower in Creative Vessels

The flower is one of the most common table centerpieces and they lighten up any places. For decorating your restaurant table you can use seasonal flowers in creative vessels. If you have a big flower budget, then a mixed, seasonal floral arrangement in a trendy, low square vase is the way to go, and a speckled silver glass and hurricane glass is popular too.

2. Alternate Centerpieces

For a restaurant that doesn’t have it in its budget to change fresh flowers weekly, then they can create centerpieces with natural elements like twigs, scattered with twinkle lights, and a group of succulents.  Twinkle light twigs look rustic and magical to create nature-vices and ambience.

3. Napkins and Placement


Napkins and Placement

For your restaurant, you don’t need to have boring white linens; you can also mix up fabrics in different patterns and textures. You can have a simple placement, a tablecloth square and placement, or even a runner or placement, try out new designs and variations. For a twist and to save on tablecloth washing, try using burlap table runners with ribbon and lace. These materials are inexpensive to exchange if guests make stains that can’t be removed with laundering.

4. Mismatched Themes

A mismatch of old, new, and vintage styles can add interest in the tablescape and also feel homely and warm. You can either try completely mismatched pieces, or try something like a white dinner plate, a geometric, colored side plate, and a flower-shaped bowl for creating visual interest. And also keep the table decorations unique and colorful too.

5. Candles



Many restaurants use candles for creating ambience, but you can create variety with candles. You can have tall tallows or small tea lights, you can group mismatched tea lights holders, or even use LED tea lights for candles that will last. It will finish off your centerpieces, and make your space feel inviting to guests.

6. Natural Elements

A cloth napkin tied with twine and completed with a spring of herb creates an unforgettable decorative item. You can incorporate natural elements in your table setting for creating a rustic, yet warm ambience. Little plants, or twigs, and dried fruits in a pot can add attention-grabbing variety too. Even a pot filled with lime and then filled with flowers creates a visual sight. And to get more accents, you can try nature-inspired chair bows for creating a completely cohesive seating arrangement.

7. Pattern, Color, and Texture for Linens


Pattern, Color, and Texture for Linens


When you buy linens for your tablescape, make sure you keep pattern, texture, and color in mind. It will seem quite boring to have a cotton napkin with a cotton tablecloth and cotton runner. Different patterns can be dramatic, and so try a stained tablecloth with a burlap runner with a cotton napkin tied with twine or ribbon. You can also keep your colors mismatched and colorful for a whimsical look, complementary for a uniform look, or monochromatic for a more relaxed, calm feeling and look.

No matter what table setting ideas you select, make sure you have a theme in mind to help inspire you and you can also keep little tweaks in mind that will take your tablescape from season to season too. It is ideal to buy round table linen, table runners, or tablecloths from a fabric supplier that provides high-quality materials at reasonable prices.

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