6 Ways to Boost Your Ad Campaign

6 Ways to Boost Your Ad Campaign: Advertising is the key to every business’ success. It’s no wonder that over $220 billion is spent on ads every year in the US.

However, there are two types of ads. Ones that work. and ones that don’t. Let’s talk about some simple steps you can take to improve your ad campaign.

#1. Have A Strategy For Your Ad Campaign

Spending money on ad marketing without a strategy is like golfing while blindfolded. You can’t simply pour money into a Google ads campaign and hope for the best.


You need to make sure that each actual ad matches your brand, portrays the message you want it to portray, and fits your budget to create it. Have clear goals in mind before you invest anything into the ad itself.

Once the ad is created, you need to have a strategy for where it will be launched. Are you doing search ads, display ads, or video ads? Put them in the appropriate locations and make sure you’re getting the right price for them.

If you’re using the pay-per-click structure, have a set target in mind. If you’re using the pay-per-view structure, like with most video ads, definitely set a limit. While they seem cheap on paper, averaging 10 to 30 cents per view, they add up quickly without a guaranteed conversion.

Remember, if your conversion rates are high, then your budget can afford to be high. If you’re just starting, keeping it a little lower to test the waters isn’t a bad idea. When you find what works, start increasing.

Define Your Goals

You want to have a list of your ideal and maximum budgets for all kinds of ads and your total monthly budget. You also need a realistic idea of conversion rates and increases over a specific period of time.

Your goals shouldn’t be limited to “I want everybody to love my ad”. You want to set goals that can be measured throughout the campaign.

#2. Keep Track

How will your campaign be successful if you don’t keep track of it? It’s nice to have a strategy, but you need to know how it’s going. If you have thousands of ads running at a time, you need to know which ones are hits and which are misses. This will save you money in the short term and help you improve your strategy in the long term.

If you don’t have extensive data on your marketing campaign’s conversion rates, shortcomings, and successes, then you don’t know where to put your efforts and that you’re falling behind the competition.

Receiving this data is a worthwhile investment of your time and resources. You need an attribution model to figure out exactly which touchpoints on your campaign are selling and how you can increase your ROI. Learn more here.

#3. Keep Updating Ad Content

We all have that one commercial that’s been stuck in our heads for decades because they never changed it. While this was an effective strategy for some, it can really limit your campaign’s performance.

While an ad that has worked in the past may work again now, the one thing you can be sure of if you never change the content is that it will never do better. If you really want to improve your ad performance, you can certainly keep content that works, but don’t settle for just that. Keep innovating and figuring out new ways to improve your conversions.

#4. Diversify

If you’re used to using Google ads or Facebook ads, you’re not alone. The two giants put just about half the world at your fingertips. So what’s the point of changing it up?

Well, some people try to avoid social media, and many gloss right over the ads on Google. These two are certainly effective, but there’s no need to limit yourself.

There are plenty of people using TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms that may not otherwise be exposed to your ad. If you use the PPC structure, there’s a limited risk to diversifying your platforms.

You don’t have to limit yourself to these types of ads either. You can use affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, and so many more tools to improve your overall digital marketing strategy.

#5. Use Email Alerts

Okay, you brought the traffic in. That’s only half the battle. Customer retention is every bit as important as bringing in new customers and taking the opportunity to remind those customers of why they chose your products or services is a great way to keep them.

Add the option to receive email alerts when they check out on your store, at the bottom of a blog post, or in the contact list. You can also request to send them notifications on Google Chrome and other search engines. Try it out!

#6. Improve Your Landing Page

Okay, you got their interest and the click. You’re already down the cost of one view or one click, so now you need to keep them there to make a sale.

The best way to do this is to improve the page they land on. Make sure it’s relevant to the ad and aligning with its message, looks like it lives up to their expectations, and is easy to navigate and use.

Boost Your Campaign Today!

Now that you know some simple ways to boost your ad campaign, the best time to start is today! Get the right tools to track your campaign’s success, make adjustments as needed, and stay up to date with our latest marketing news so you can keep growing that business!

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