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6 Things To Know While Hiring A Tree Removal Service

When you have a big heavy tree branch hanging just over your house or near your house with electric poles surrounding them there is a chance that a disaster is just waiting to happen. Or even sometimes we see that many trees have been uprooted due to a huge storm. Also, there might be a case when post-storm there might be uprooted trees, broken branches and stems that might interfere with the working of electric poles.

It is times like these we need to hire a tree removal service team. These companies or agencies are masters of cutting down big trees safely in parts without causing any damage to nearby property. It is then all clean as usual. The right tree removal company not only removes the tree branches, broken stems and roots, but they also help to convert tree wood into mulch, and help to reuse the wooden chips into fertilizers.

Before Hiring A Tree Removal Agency There Are A Few Things To Ask


1. Look For Their License

You should check whether the company has got a valid license to work as a tree removal service or not. Ideally, the good companies will have a valid proof of license showing the company name along with their registration certificate. Also, the license and certification should abide by the tree cutting guidelines of the state or local authorities.

2. Ask Them To Make A Contract

Before hiring any company you should clearly state that you will need a contract. This contract should contain the details of the work to be done, expected time to complete the work along with the charges offered. There is any extra or additional labor charge incurred, then you should know what additional service they will give.

If a company is hesitant about making a contract this means that they don’t have any fixed charges and want to charge you more and make that quick buck. If you sign a contract there should be a finishing deadline for the landscaping and tree removal that they do.

3. Check If The Company Has Insurance For The Workers

A well known and established tree removal company will always have a license for its workers. This ensures that the company covers any misfortunate event for the employees.

This is very important to know about a company or else you might be sued by the company in case of any misfortune event or accident to one of the workers. Cutting large trees is a hazardous and risky task.


4. Look Into The Past Works Done By The Company

Before hiring a company you should ask about referrals from the company. Look at what previous tasks have been completed by the company so far. You will also have an idea of whether they can handle the job you have asked them to do.

5. Find Out How Much Time Will It Take To Remove Fallen Trees

Tree removal is not just any other task. Often fallen trees have damaged have fallen on your property i.e. house or lawn or backyard or even the street blocking them.  So the company needs to act fast while working.

6. Check Out The Equipment Used And Experience Of Employees

You should also ask the company about what types of tools and devices the company will be using. Using manual equipment might be of no use or else take up huge time. On the other hand, automatic machine cutters will require less time and also fewer people.


Hiring a tree removal service is an important task. It could have blocked the street in your neighborhood or even pose a risk of falling on someone’s house. So call a tree removing agency today.

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