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6 Signs It Is Time To Change Your Mattress

The mattress you sleep on each night does not last forever. It is important to evaluate the quality of your mattress and determine if it needs to be replaced. Some signs that indicate it is time for a new mattress include: waking up with aches or pain, sleeping too hot or cold at night, having difficulty falling asleep due to discomfort, and waking up feeling tired. If any of these symptoms are present then it may be time for an upgrade. There are many mattresses available in stores today; find one that suits you best. Here are some tips on how to choose the right bedding for your body type: side sleepers should look for memory foam mattresses as they contour around their bodies.

The mattress is one of the most important purchases you will make. It needs to provide support for your back and neck while providing a cool place to sleep. Many people don’t realize that mattresses need to be replaced every 8-10 years, depending on how often it’s used and other factors. In this blog post, I am going to talk about the signs it might be time for a new mattress. You need to replace your mattress every 6 to 8 years.

Types Of Mattress

Air Mattress One of the most well-known types of mattress for the sofa-bed in the air mattress. An air mattress functions using a pump to inflate and deflate the material. 

Memory Foam A memory foam or air bed can be firm or soft and provide a person with an extremely comfortable sleeping surface. 

Hybrid Mattress Hybrid mattresses provide the best combination of support and bounce. They contain both memory foam and latex, but are thicker and do not have the coil system found in innerspring mattresses. 

Pillow Top Mattress Pillow top mattress types are usually made from plastic instead of a coil system. The advantage of pillow top mattresses is that they are very soft and comfortable. The main disadvantage is that they tend to lose their shape or snap back when you change the position of your body. 

6 Signs It Is Time To Change Your Mattress

It can be frustrating when you are in the middle of a hard saving program and all of a sudden realize that your mattress needs some attention. What is the best way to know if it is time to change your mattress? The signs are not always obvious so don’t hesitate to ask for help. Here are 4 signs that your mattress needs to be replaced:

Wear And Tear: Your mattress is constantly going through wear and tear. For example, you may have just bought it or you have moved in from town. Either way, it is not going to last forever. It will begin to show signs of wear after just a few years of constant use. The first sign will usually be a small hole or wrinkle in the middle of your mattress.

Hole And Wrinkles: If this is the case, the solution is quite simple. All you need to do is fill the hole or wrinkles with new material. You can fill the entire mattress with new material if you want to. You’ll just have to wait for it to set.

Start To Wear Out Prematurely: If your mattress does start to wear out prematurely, you may need to consult a professional. Many people overlook the importance of regular mattress maintenance and assume that the only reason they’ll need to buy a new one is that their current one is too uncomfortable. In many cases, this is not the case. There are several different reasons why mattresses wear out.

Older Than Twenty Years: If you think that your mattress is getting older, you may want to consider purchasing a new one. This is especially true if your mattress was bought while you were in your twenties. The materials that were used to create the mattress may no longer be as durable as the ones available today.

Suffer From Allergy: If you suffer from allergies or asthma, you may want to think about switching to a different type of mattress. Many people suffer from allergic reactions to various fabrics. There is a chance that your current mattress is allergic to something that you are currently using. In addition to cleaning the surface, you may want to see if you can breathe easier. Switching to an allergy-free mattress is not very difficult to do. You may want to try switching to cotton if you find that your current material causes your allergies to flare up.

Not Comfortable: You also want to make sure that your mattress is comfortable when sleeping. This may not seem like the most important factor, but having a comfortable mattress will decrease your risk of developing aches and pains throughout the night. Make sure to buy a mattress that is the right size for you. Also, make sure to avoid sleeping on a hard surface.

Squeaky Bed Frames

Why Does My Bed Squeak? Squeaky bed frames are often the result of a loose bolt or warped piece of wood and are usually a relatively simple at-home fix. If the bolts become loose, the bed frame might become slightly wobbly, while a water stain or change in humidity might cause a wooden bed frame to warp slightly, leading to a squeak.

The squeak is actually the bed’s metal screws rubbing against each other. It’s probably happening because of the slight gaps created by improper screwing in, which allow for movement. To fix this problem, clean out any debris inside the screw holes and recheck all screws to make sure they are tight. Also, try putting a small piece of rubber on top of each head or footboard screw to prevent them from vibrating.


At the end of each day, your mattress becomes a repository for all sorts of things that happen in life. If you’re not changing your mattress regularly then it will become an uncomfortable place to sleep and could lead to health issues like back pain or allergies. You deserve better than that! We can help find the best memory foam mattresses so contact us today to get started on finding one just right for you.

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