6 Easy steps to hire the best mover across the country

Looking for a secure and hassle-free moving experience? Searching for a trusted moving partner? Tried to enquire with Agarwal packers and movers?

One of the most essential steps to take in ensuring a successful and stress-free move across the country is finding a moving company that has experience with long-distance relocations. However, many of us commit the mistake of assuming that all the moving companies are reliable. In fact, many shifting companies do not have legal permission to execute the packing and transportation tasks but still, they are operating serving the people with moving solutions across the country.

That is the reason why it is important to find and book a reputable moving partner. Someone who has specialization in interstate moves to safeguard household goods and pack transport and deliver them with utmost care.

Today in this post I am sharing a few beneficial key aspects that you must consider while relocating.

Here it goes:

1. Check licensing and certification- To move your valuables across the country, a reputable moving company must have relevant license and certification. The easiest way to check that is either by directly asking the company to provide proof of their authenticity. Because a reputable moving company will never ask you even a second time when you ask them to show the documents to prove that they are genuine. They will just simply provide you with all the other relevant details. In some situations, if a mover denies or disagrees to show its reliability documents, then you must contact some other company.

2. Inquire about the staff working there- Another thing that you need to examine, who is going to handle and take over the packing and moving tasks at your home on the day of your move. So, it is important to ask the moving company that you are considering, if their team of experts have enough knowledge to complete the packing and moving tasks or not. Also, make sure whether they have verified the background of their movers because it is common for moving companies to use a mix of house staff and helpers, however, some companies even outsource their moving contracts to local vendors which ultimately causes the risk to a customer’s belongings.

Ask your moving vendor about their policy and guidelines for vetting anyone who works for them. Also, consider the staff’s experience, for example, experienced moving companies employ move managers that hold relocation license, so you know they have relevant experience with interstate movers and you can rely on them to provide you with the best suggestions.

3. Ensure you are getting the correct moving quotations- A reputed moving firm provides its customers the free moving estimation quotes after you have raised an inquiry that helps you to get the idea of moving expenses and overall costs that will incur while transporting your goods from one place to another. Movers and packers typically calculate moving costs depending upon certain essential factors. Some of them include:

• Size and weight of your consignment

• The distance between the origin and destination location

• The services that you have opted for such as packing, unpacking, moving, loading, etc.

Also, a trusted moving company will be upfront about what to expect and breakdown expenses. To get the most accurate estimate of moving costs, you will also want to use those movers who provide in-house estimates by doing a physical survey of your home or through the convenient virtual mode using your own phone or laptop.

4. Inspect about the risk coverage- The most crucial service to inspect while you are searching for a moving company is to check whether it is offering any facility to cover the transit risk associated with a move or not. A reputable moving company offers its customers the facility to cover the risk associated with the goods while a consignment is in transit. To make sure it gets transported safely, they provide insurance by charging a certain percentage on the value of goods declared by the customer. In return for charging an amount in the name of insurance, they protect goods against the unforeseen contingencies that may occur in the middle of the journey. And if by chance, something gets damaged, a customer becomes liable to file a claim against them. This develops a sense of security in the minds of the customer and his goods too.

5. Confirm payment criteria- Usually, a trusted moving company accepts payment in parts i.e. they have framed certain policies based on which they ask a customer to pay a decided amount at the beginning of the move and rest when the goods have been delivered by them at the end destination. A company that asks for the whole payment in advance cannot be trusted. They just have a cheating intention bound to which they may hostile your goods and ask you to pay more or in some cases, they even stole and ran away with your goods. Therefore, confirm the payment policies before finalizing a moving company.

6. Ask about a shifting assistant- Moving across the country is a huge job that you don’t have to do it alone. Many trusted moving companies offer a shifting assistant to help in taking care of the packing and transportation of your move. For instance move, coordinators will handle the verification of movers, license, and handle the moving process; including scheduling, managing, and coordinating the move till the goods are safely delivered at the destination. Agarwal packers will assist you in ensuring, you have all the proper papers needed for the move to help you make the move process even more feasible.

Conclusion: Moving long distances requires smart planning and help as compared to a local move. Always get detailed moving quotes to avoid unexpected expenses in the name of hidden charges or something. Also, double-check the moving company’s certification and consider a partner that uses an in-house move survey to compute the moving cost. By following these tips, you can ease your interstate move and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Happy Moving!

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