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6 Different Ways to Style Up Your Place With A Throw

Throw blankets are a traditional addition to every room’s decor. They’re not just functional; they’re also style makers, adding pattern, color, and vitality to any room. They’re lightweight, easy to drape, and make great housewarming and seasonal presents. 


If you’ve ever considered adding a large sofa to throw away UK space but felt it was too difficult to deal with, reconsider. There are a variety of approaches that don’t look messy. Here are some of our suggestions for using them in your house or presenting for anyone extraordinary.

Styling up with Throw

Large luxury sofa throws are chic and flexible in every setting and are great for snuggling up on the sofa or as an additional blanket on the bed. So what is the safest way to use a throw when the temperature falls? There is no one-size-fits-all approach, which is excellent news if you have an extra-large sofa throws in different parts of the house and want to spice up the decor in each.


You can form your decor basis with careful consideration of how the throw blanket or large luxury sofa throw is arranged. So, how exactly do you use a large sofa throw UK on your sofa? There are a couple of options for experimenting:


  • To express casualty, it’s tossed conveniently along one side.
  • For a tidy, put-together look, flip one arm over.
  • Draped all along the rear, just slightly off-center for a modern asymmetry.
  • To express classic elegance, position it over a floating love seat.
  • To see a texture or design, spread it out unfolded it.


If you’re unsure which look is best for your living room, keep reading. We’ve got plenty of ideas to help you see how your sofa would look with this stylish solution to still getting luxury on the side.

  • Style Over Your Bed’s Feet

Simply fold the extra large sofa throw uniformly and line it with the foot of the bed or tuck it in a corner while making your bed every morning. Folding your throw numerous times or stacking different throws can indeed add volume and depth to your space.

  • Pack Into A Basket

This is the best choice for you if a stylish wicker basket suits your décor. Stack several throws in a trendy basket by rolling or folding them. They’re helpful to use on the spur of the moment, but they’re still out of the way.

  • Make The Most Of The Back Of Your Sofa

Fold the sofa throw horizontally and drape it onto the front of the sofa, so it is even with sofa cushions, and drape the remainder of the throw over the back to make it seem intentional rather than unintended. To finish the look, add a stylish pillow.

  • Drape Over The Chair’s Arm

A throw blanket may be draped over the back or the side of the couch, but we choose the arm. Fold the throw sideways, keeping the drape parallel with the base of the seat, and letting the remainder of the throw fall beautifully over the side is how to do it properly. Complete the look with a stylish cushion once more. ​

  • Show Both Sides

Create textures with the throws and display various layers to draw attention and add dimension to space. Layer several throws or simply apply folds to a standard throw if you do have more than one. Buying a reversible throw and displaying both sides in the frame is another simple way to add depth and dimension to space.

  • Do not fold the throw.

The fur throw should not be folded. The beauty of using something as luxurious as fur throw is that it appears much better when it’s a little sloppy! You can’t fold it because it’s so heavy. Simply flap it over the side of your couch and squeeze that in here and there as desired. 


In the bedroom, fluffy equals a lot of fun. A large fur throw tossed over the bed will add Hollywood glitz.  To look like a celebrity, pair it up with silky sheets!


Please ensure your throw is at least as big as your bunk. More undersized fur throws may also be used in this way. Simply place it at the foot of your bed.

Large Sofa Throw

Throws available in a wide variety of types, colors, and shapes, but most are around 1m x 1.5m in size, while small and big versions are available. The material used in your sofa throw will impact its cost, smoothness, and longevity, with silk or fine large wool sofa throws being quite costly. In contrast, polyester or micro-fleece sofa throws are pretty inexpensive.


But, returning to the problem of how to make the most of your sofa throw, a bright sofa throw can bring a layer of comfort to any room, and simply draped over a preferred chair or sofa can create a look of homey class and luxury. In addition, a well-placed throw will conceal a piece of pleasant furniture while being much easier to remove than a sofa or chair if you have children. 


This is also valid for pets, and it is standard procedure to place large wool sofa throws on chairs where the family cat or dog wants to snuggle. Just keep in mind that using a high-priced throw, for this reason, might not have been a good idea because its lifespan may be limited. For both of these purposes, a machine washable throw is suitable.

Tips for Using Large Sofa Throws Artistically

We are all significant fans of well-designed and high-end interior design. The warm configurations with contoured large sofa throws still catch our eye and inspire us to do the same in our living rooms. And, if carefully considered, they can be a perfect way to warm up a paired couch while still adding color and pattern, as well as providing other benefits. 


However, going through every one of them can take up a lot of your valuable time and energy, so we’ve compiled a list of the best ideas that will not only help you add throws to your sofas in an impressive way but also change their shape and overall appearance.

Create a Versatile Base

Begin with a centrist base, such as a white cushion that is 20 to 25 inches square for large luxury sofa throws and 15 to 20 inches square for tiny sofas. Then, organize them in a way that fits your personal preferences or attitude. 


Pick a good design or style that accentuates your sofas while maintaining a clean appearance. Cotton wool velvet, and chenille are all similarly attractive fabric materials; all he has to do is select them per the climate or need.


When it refers to sofa throws, pick a color that complements the lighting on the couch and cushions.

Color Scheme & Design

This is the fun aspect of the colors, themes, and layouts for large luxury sofa throws. It lets you customize different colors to find the one you like best. However, as a general rule, you should select a shade that complements the surroundings of your room, such as the rug or sculpture exhibited in your space, as a reference point for color and design creativity. 


However, keep in mind that you are not expected to produce a pastel appearance; instead, you can mix and match colors that subtly balance each other and tie into the art while emphasizing your development.

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