6 Best & Comfortable Women’s Loungewear Sets To Relax in House

Every women look for a cute and comfy loungewear that she can wear all day long and relax around the house. Here we have a list of siex best and cute night suits or loungewear for you that you can get from Elora By M, that is a Lahore based brand offering a wide range of men and women’s comfy sleepwear and Lounge and Pyjama sets. Read out the whole blog and check our top picks!


Navy Flora Linen Loungewear


Elora by M is notorious for producing the superlative quality of linen loungewear let alone impart eye-catching prints and floral patterns. Navy flora linen loungewear is one of our best selling products in various groups of people.

The biggest quality feedback it gets from our customers is that this product is easy to pair up with various kinds of bottoms and you can design it yourself and use it as a formal wear. The fabric used in our Women’s Linen loungewear by Elora By M is soft linen for extra comfort that you can wear it while resting and lounging around the house. It is perfect to wear in summer, autumn and spring.

It is available in various sizes including XS, S, M, L and XL. It also comes in various top styles including full sleeves, Half sleeves, Sleeveless as well as noodle straps complementing the various styles which our customers prefer.


satin silk teal loungewear


As a designer and fabric producer, the best thing about silk is that it can complete any style even without any fancy patterns or floral prints.

Just a good fitting and good choice of a color does the home work and gives you a perfect and cute loungewear look you want for yourself. Plain colors in silk is everything but boring choice to slay a perfect chic loungewear and night suits styles.



Let your fashion and comfortable loungewear go parallel by facing towards one of the biggest sleepwear store online In Pakistan that is Elora By M. Just like the name gives away, the products itself is known for being the softest in its form.

The baby pink color with cute dynamic and defined floral prints complements the quality and attracts even the passer-by customers. The products itself urges you to look at it more than once with its eye catching patterns and radiant and pale color.

Women’s loungewear & cozy night suits are about to be the standard for loungewear community as the beautiful quality as this product speaks for itself. The variety it offers on the basis of top styles either you want sleeves or not, half sleeves or noodle straps makes you feel indulge and try more.



Elora By M is always at the best of offering radiant and striking color to engage a wide range of people. As yellow is the color which has people divided based on its love and hate but Elora By M is always at its best of utilizing its noticeable understanding of colors and patterns that complements a specific color.

As this product speaks for itself and reflects the expertise of designer behind Elora By M striking popularity. Yellow rose linen loungewear is one of our most comfy loungewear used for various purposes either as a sleepwear or a formal wear.

It also comes in various sizes serving different age groups and different top styles either sleeves or without sleeves.


Elora By M has a wide variety of fabric collection among which Silk has always been the high in demand among our customers. Satin silk has always been the fabric with wide range of prints and patterns.

Silk gives an erotic and elegant touch and makes you look chic let alone in beautiful, radiant and merged colored patterns and prints.

Silk used in this product is not too thin and not too thick so it can easily be worn in all seasons as silk is easy to radiate and conduct heat. Make yourself comfortable while looking as chic as you can be.

You can also order an additional set of head bands with our Women’s Satin Silk loungewear and night suits by Elora By M to complement your loungewear fashion.

night suit for ladies


It is hard to find the fabric that rub against your body and makes you feel gleeful to wear them and boost your confidence. If you want to feel fortunate to wear such clothes, this is the perfect loungewear for you. Fawn has always been the color which holds elegance and lubricious touch. Even a tinge of it complements the fabric you are wearing as well as the style you are going for. Butterflies on a loungewear completes the remaining percentage of the cute loungewear, PJs and night suit.

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