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5 Ways To Stimulate Natural Hair Regrowth On A Budget

Natural hair looks beautiful in every length and stimulating the hair growth in a natural way is as simple as following a few steps. Whether you’re new to a new look or just making a big chop, making your curls work for you is the most important thing. You may be on a quest to get the longest, healthiest natural hair you’ve ever had. 


You know that to say, patience is a virtue? Well, this applies to many aspects of your life, including your hair growth process. Much like the idea of working out and yearning to see results on your body, growing your natural hair quickly takes constant effort. It’s not going to happen in the blink of an eye, but there are tried-and-tested strategies to accelerate the growth cycle of your strands.


If you’re looking for hair growth, start with the source: the scalp. First of all, chronic scalp—caused by scalp strain, buildup, oxidative stress, and scalp conditions such as dermatitis—may lead to hair loss or thinning. Indeed, one study found that inflammation caused by pollution and oxidative stress is one of the key causes of hair loss in adults.


A full head of luscious healthy hair is something that many people take for granted until eventually, they start to lose hair at a noticeably faster rate. Regardless of the cause, be it age or an underlying condition, hair loss can harm a person’s mental health. 


And while there are several promising technologies and medical procedures that can help curb and even reverse hair loss, these medical options are often too expensive for the average Joe or Jane. Here are five options that can help stimulate hair growth naturally without breaking the bank:

Use a Laser Comb

Laser combs are a good compromise between innovation and cost. This specialized comb was one of the first technologies launched in the market to address hair loss. It is cleared by the FDA, which means it is guaranteed to be safe and effective to a relatively greater extent than most hair growth treatment solutions being advertised out there. As the name implies, laser combs use laser diodes to stimulate blood flow within the scalp tissue. Treatment time will vary based on what brand of comb you use. With some laser combs, treatment time can be as short as three minutes, while others need up to 30 minutes. The cost of a laser comb will also vary based on brand, with budget-friendly ones that cost $200 to top-of-the-line brands that can get as expensive as $2,000.

Massage Your Scalp

Massaging the scalp is another proven way to stimulate blood flow and can be used simultaneously with hair care products, such as coconut oils and masks. By stimulating the scalp, you improve hair thickness and strengthen the hair strands. You don’t need a professional massage therapist to perform this simple hair growth trick either. Allocate a time in the day to massage your scalp for 15 to 30 minutes, or do it every time you feel stressed out or tense. Some studies claim that the stretching forces during a massage stimulate hair growth through the dermal papilla cells.

Use Coconut Oil or Aloe Vera

There are quite various foods that people claim to help with hair health – mayonnaise, peanut butter, ginger, coffee grounds, etcetera. And while the jury is still out with regards to the efficacy of these foods for hair regrowth, aloe vera and coconut oil are two natural products that are worthwhile trying. Coconut oil is rich in omega fatty acids that enter the hair shaft and minimize protein loss. Coconut oil is also versatile, so you can leave it on your hair overnight or for a few hours before washing it. While there isn’t much scientific literature surrounding coconut oil as a natural solution for hair growth, countless cases prove coconut oil’s benefits for a healthier and thicker head of hair.

Take Viviscal

Viviscal is a natural supplement that is specifically designed for people who are suffering from hair loss. It is rich in a marine compound called AminoMar C. This specific compound consists of minerals, vitamins, and powder derived from shark and mollusk. These components are claimed to help regrow new cells while strengthening existing ones. Remember that Viviscal isn’t a one-off product; hair regrowth treatment through Viviscal requires you to take the supplement twice a day for a minimum of six months to get the desired results. If you prefer topical products over oral ones, Viviscal is also offered in shampoo and conditioner form.

Switch to a Healthier Lifestyle

Perhaps the most affordable way to naturally stimulate hair growth is to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Your diet and exercise regimen both play critical roles in hair health and maintenance. Consuming foods high in preservatives, not exercising enough or at all, and continuously experiencing stress and tension can all factor into how quickly you lose hair. Lower your stress levels and start eating fatty and protein-rich foods, including fish, eggs, lean poultry cuts, beans, almonds, and dark leafy greens.


Restoring your health and confidence through hair regrowth shouldn’t cost you thousands of dollars in hair graft procedures or specialized topical products. Using the natural methods listed above, you can get your hair back without the financial strain or the undesired side effects to your health.

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