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5 Useful Oral Health Tips

When it comes to maintaining healthy teeth and gums, having a robust oral hygiene routine in place is a must. While we’re all aware of the importance of brushing twice a day, you’ll be surprised how many people cut corners or don’t do a good job!

No one wants to deal with gum disease, tooth decay, or potentially losing a tooth, so if you believe you could do better, here are some useful oral health tips to take on board that will help keep your teeth and gums in check.

Use the Right Brushing Techniques

While brushing your teeth twice a day is essential for getting rid of bacteria, plaque, and keeping your teeth clean, if you’re not using the right technique, you won’t be getting the maximum results. If you use a manual toothbrush, you must use small circular motions when brushing every area of the tooth. Whatever you do, you should not use sawing back-and-forth motions. You may benefit from an electric toothbrush instead, which is more effective at getting rid of plaque and is recommended by dentists.

Remember to Floss

Bacteria and plaque can quickly accumulate between the teeth, and if you’re not careful, can lead to gum disease. This means you need to remember to floss once a day. Your toothbrush cannot reach every area of the mouth, so getting rid of food and debris that’s become trapped between your teeth is essential. Whether you use flossing sticks or invest in a water flosser, make sure not to skip this step as part of your oral hygiene routine.

Use a Mouthwash

There has been some research to indicate the oral health benefits of using a mouthwash. Not only can mouthwash freshen your breath, but it can also get rid of plaque, fight cavities, as well as leave your teeth and gums feeling squeaky clean. With so many different types of mouthwashes available, it can be hard to know which one to pick. If you’re not sure, it’s wise to consult with your dentist who will offer expert recommendations.

Drink More Water

We’re all aware of the importance of drinking water for our health and wellbeing. If you wake up with a dry mouth, Somnifix recommends you consume roughly eight glasses of water each day to keep hydrated. A dry mouth can also heighten your risk of gingivitis, tooth decay, and mouth infections, all of which can be completely avoidable if you get into the habit of drinking more water.

Stop Smoking

Let’s face it, there are no health benefits to smoking. If you’ve picked up the habit, you may not realize how damaging tobacco can be to your teeth and gums. In fact, smoking is one of the leading causes of severe gum disease in the United States. For those ready to level up their oral health, now is the time to stop smoking for good. It can be difficult to give up the habit cold turkey, so make sure to speak to your doctor who can offer advice and put you in touch with stop smoking services.

See Your Dentist

Understandably, seeing your dentist regularly is crucial for maintaining excellent oral health. Once a professional examines your teeth and gums, they can give you expert advice and tips on what to do to keep your oral hygiene in check. While sitting in the dentist’s chair may not fill you with joy, when it comes to looking after your mouth, it’s essential you do so.

Like with your skincare routine and watching what you eat, you should pay just as much importance to your oral health. Once you follow the tips above, this can help in keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

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