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Health and Fitness

5 top features of Aprima EMR Software

Acquired by eMDs in 2019, Aprima EMR is an all-in-one solution that provides a comprehensive overview of a patient’s medical history without the need to have multiple databases or files. This solution is suitable for physicians in primary care and supports more than 70 specialties. It comes with an intuitive design that automatically adapts to a physician’s workflow. Users can easily find clinically relevant findings based on presenting symptoms, preferred treatments, and diagnosis codes. Built on a single database, the fully integrated EHR and PM solution features a unique replication technology that enables users to work from anywhere, with or without an internet connection.

Its medical billing solution maximizes insurance reimbursement and reduces billing complexities. Users can choose between flexible deployment models, including cloud-based, on-premise, or hybrid. Moreover, there is an Aprima EHR Mobile smartphone app for tablets, touchscreens, and smartphone devices. 

  • Bilingual Patient Portal

Aprima’s patient portal facilitates secure, fast, and convenient multi-directional communication between patients, providers, and practice staff. It is one of the first U.S. healthcare companies to offer a Spanish-language portal to improve the healthcare experience for the country’s largest segment of non-English speakers. Patients can easily access the portal from their mobile devices or computers. The portal lets clients enter their own data, access complete medical records, view medication history, schedule appointments, receive clinical summaries, make payments online, and review billing statements. 

Healthcare professionals can actively use this patient portal to reduce staff workload, improve patient satisfaction, and create greater practice efficiencies.

  • Robust Exchange 

Aprima EHR provides a patient-centered, secure flow of information to enable practices to optimize patient outcomes and improve efficiency. It offers functionalities to handle ACOs, HIEs, point-to-point interfaces, and connections to national networks, like SureScripts and CommonWell. Users can transfer information across the healthcare ecosystem and ensure it is displayed in clinician-friendly workflows that make providers and practice more efficient at outcome-driven care and outcome management.  

The platform includes a robust interface engine to cater to the current need for sharing healthcare data amongst disparate entities. There are presently over 3.000 interfaces in production, including immunization registries, pathology labs, practice management systems, hospitals, and more.

  • Quality Reporting

EMDs offers a real-time, simple MACRA compliant dashboard to enable practices to gain an in-depth overview of their practice and drill down into KPIs. Its MACRA dashboard includes tracking capabilities into individual chart notes for total clarity into their numerators and denominators. This standard, all-inclusive reporting capability enables users to attest to their APM or MIPS participation successfully.

The vendor is among the very few companies with an 18-year track record of success, including Certification for Meaningful Use Stage 2. These reporting capabilities allow thousands of Aprima users to benefit from improved patient satisfaction, improved quality of care, and an improved bottom line

  • Replication

The replication feature of the solution enables physicians to work anywhere, on any device, giving them more flexibility, regardless of whether or not they’re connected to the internet. Each installation of Aprima comes with a replication functionality. Physicians can efficiently work within patient charts even when they are not connected to their server (whether it is hosted in the cloud or locally in their office). 

They get an identical functionality, just as though they were fully connected with the ability to look up data or perform everyday tasks, such as creating orders, tasking and messaging, reviewing results, etc. The replication functionality stores everything locally on their hard drive in an encrypted and secure environment in a way that automatically syncs information the next time they are online.

  • Mobile App 

Aprima Mobile App is one the most highly acclaimed features offered by the vendor. It provides physicians easier access to patient information inside and outside the exam room. From reviewing appointments to catching up on messages before starting the day, healthcare providers can improve their productivity and connectivity through the convenience of their mobile devices.  

Whether at home or on vacation, physicians can use Aprima EHR Mobile App to complete tasks, such as reviewing a patient’s complete medical history, approving or acting on lab results, Refilling and writing prescriptions, corresponding with patients through a secure portal, writing prescriptions or refills, creating new appointments, managing schedules, and capturing patient charges while on call anywhere the need arises. This Mobile App is included in the EHR package at no additional cost. 

Overview of Benefits

Based on user reviews studied from multiple online resources, we have curated the following benefits for this EHR platform:

  • Interoperability

This solution is designed to be interoperable with various services and providers, ensuring your patient’s records can be securely transferred from one provider to another, adapting whatever system they use.

  • Fewer Errors

Patient health records are open to errors, especially if you’re still using a pen-and-paper system. Aprima EHR helps users reduce errors by automatically transcribing doctor’s notes, coding diagnoses, and more.

  • Affordable

The solution caters to clients with varying budgets, offering a complete suite of care for bargain prices. Its support solutions (like flexible, web-based training) are also geared towards buyers with budgetary constraints.

  • Fully Integrated

Aprima offers a single database system that provides both EHR and practice management solutions.

Final Thoughts

Before purchasing Aprima EMR for your practice, it is suggested that you double down on your product research fully. Read up on user review articles and look into each of the features offered by the software. Such detailed research will improve your chances of choosing the system that meets all the functions your medical facility requires to improve efficiency.


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