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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting A Plastic Surgery

Size acceptance, body positivity, and fat activism are now part of the cultural lexicon. Surprisingly, this isn’t a new trend. The number of people getting cosmetic procedures has increased dramatically over the last few years. Despite catering to the needs of the millions, the term is often misunderstood and misjudged. The reasons for getting plastic surgery vary from person to person. Appearances are one part of the story but not the whole tale. Often, it’s more about confidence and self-esteem. According to research, millennials are having plastic surgery at fairly young ages, and their reasons for doing so are very different when compared with that of older people.

So, before you consider having any type of plastic surgery, there are important questions that you should ask yourself. This will help you to select a safe procedure that gives you optimum results.

Am I A Good Candidate of Plastic Surgery?

Before you even think about having plastic surgery, you should ask yourself first whether or not you are healthy enough to get this procedure. Many people are good candidates for plastic surgery because of their health and diet.  

Also, make sure that you have disclosed all of your medical histories before the surgeon. Remember, he won’t be able to give you honest advice if you hide health problems. And you won’t be able to say anything if something goes wrong. For instance, if you are considering male breast reduction surgery, then you should give details about all your health issues. Lying to your surgeon would free them from any responsibilities which might arise during the surgery. 

What’s the Name Signify and What Does It Entail?

There is a difference between the name of the procedure and what does it signify. However, this does not mean that you start interrogating about the type of scalpel your surgeon would use during the surgery. You should know if, after getting this procedure, you will get the desired results or not. And think about twice that whether the procedure which you have chosen to enhance or reduce your body part is correct or not.

For instance, male breast reduction in Dubai and around the world is becoming a new trend nowadays. But before you decide to go for this treatment, consider all the pros and cons associated with this. You should have prior knowledge about this surgery as well.  Moreover, knowing the medical name of the procedure is also essential. In this way, you can confirm it when the hospital or medical center employees ask.

Plastic Surgery

Are There Any Side-Effects?

Usually, plastic surgeries have no potential risks associated with them. However, you should be well aware of all the possible complications that come with the particular procedure which you are considering.

Quite often, people witness infections. Some have developed scars. Scars don’t mean developing just a single nice fine line. Sometimes scars can be raised or widened. Therefore, consider all the side effects before you get any surgery.

Another problem that may arise later is that sometimes despite getting the best surgery, you won’t get the desired results as suggested by your surgeon. This happens when you don’t discuss the limitations of the procedure before the surgery. So, discuss each and everything with your surgeon.

What Results Can I Expect from the Surgery?

Your plastic surgeon cannot control everything except for the things that happen inside the operating room. No matter your surgeon moves heaven or earth to give you the best surgery, the results cannot guarantee a relationship, a job promotion or an improved social status. Having plastic surgery doesn’t cure you of depression or eating disorders.

Moreover, if you are still in a state of confusion that whether or not you should undergo recommended plastic surgery, then it’s either because you are worried about the scars or afraid of the long recovery period. Make sure to follow post-surgery instructions. Any type of negligence can make a situation worse.

Finally, your goal should be to achieve improvement, not perfection. If you are dreaming of looking like a barbie doll having a perfect nose or pair of breasts, you may be highly disappointed. Either you may end up looking too “plastic” or you may not think you look “good enough.”

What Are the Alternatives to Plastic Surgery?

All the surgeries have some side-effects in one way or the other. But they are not something that cannot be dealt with. If you want to undergo these procedures, then it’s well and good. Contrarily, if you are considering alternatives, then you should ask yourself that can you leave junk food? Can you do exercise daily? That is to say, if you’ve given other alternatives enough try, then plastic surgery may be a good alternative for you. If not, then try them first before you go for plastic surgery.

All in all, before you make any decision, talk to your doctor with other alternatives as well. Consider all the options thoroughly and then make a final decision.

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