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5 Must-Know Mac Hacks for New and Old Users

5 Must-Know Mac Hacks for New and Old Users: Tech giant Apple is on fire: it shipped a staggering 6.086 million Mac units in the second quarter of 2021 alone. That’s one million more than its shipments in the same quarter of the previous year. As a result, the iMac and MacBook sector has seen a 19.7% growth during that period.

Whether you’re one of those new Mac owners or a veteran Apple user, it’s time to learn some of the best Mac hacks today. This way, you can make the most out of your pricey gadget while also protecting your data.

To that end, we created this list of iMac and MacBook tips you should start following ASAP. Have a look below, as these hacks can help you boost your Mac’s performance and security.

1. Sync Other Apple Devices with Your Mac

iOS, the operating system of iPhones and iPads, accounted for 26.35% of the global mobile OS market in June 2021. That means one in every four mobile devices was from Apple.

If you have other Apple mobile devices yourself, you should sync them with your Mac. In doing so, you can access and use some of those devices’ functions with your Mac.

A perfect example is Apple’s text messaging system. Syncing your iPhone with your Mac lets you send and receive text messages on your Apple computer, too.

Another synced function is Phonebook, together with all its related services. By linking your iPhone with your Mac, you can start making and taking calls from your Apple computer.

You can also sync your entire iCloud Drive, notes, calendars, emails, and reminders. The same goes for Notes, Safari, Keychain, and Siri.

One way to establish a link between all your Apple mobile devices is to sign in to iCloud (Apple ID) on your Mac. Just go to System Preferences, click Apple ID, and enter your iCloud username and password.

2. Set up Find My Mac

The Find My app, another technology native to Apple, lets you locate a lost Apple device. That includes your MacBook, which you may end up misplacing or forgetting somewhere. It even lets you hunt for your Mac if you suspect someone stole it.

To enable Find My Mac, you need to sign in to Apple ID (iCloud) on your Mac first. Then, put a mark on the checkbox for Find My Mac. Next, click options and turn on Find My Mac and Find My Network.

3. Enable Automatic OS Updates

The dreaded Windows and Chromebook black screen of death (BSOD) can also happen in some Macs. In newer MacBook units, though, it’s more of an extremely dark gray screen without the Apple logo. In older MacBook units, the screen of death often takes the form of a blue screen.

Either way, that panic-inducing screen is often due to an outdated operating system.

As such, one of the most important Mac tips and tricks to follow is to enable automatic OS updates. This involves automating your Mac to check for, download, and install macOS updates. If you enable this, your Mac will perform all those tasks without asking you every time.

It’s almost always not a good idea to skip macOS updates, as these enhance system security. Apple rolls them out to fix security flaws and bugs that affect Mac performance. Moreover, most macOS updates improve system performance and also add new features.

To enable macOS automatic updates, launch System Preferences and then choose Software Update. Next, tick the checkbox for “Automatically keep my Mac up to date.” Mark all the checkboxes there to completely automate OS and app updates.

4. Secure Those Passwords with iCloud Keychain

Speaking of security, did you know that over 1,800 Mac malware types get created each day? That’s horrifying, as these malicious programs can cause a Mac to fail or, worse, steal data. Malware developers can then use that stolen data to hack into your online accounts.

From there, hackers can transfer funds from your accounts to theirs. They can also sell your information to other criminals.

Cybercriminals can do all that if you don’t use passwords or utilize weak passwords.

For those reasons, one of the best Mac tricks to employ is to use iCloud Keychain. It’s the native personal password manager of all macOS and iOS devices. Some of its functions include recommending and then generating strong passwords.

From there, you can opt to have iCloud Keychain store all your passwords. You can then have the app autofill those passwords, as well as usernames, on select apps and websites.

To activate iCloud Keychain, head over to System Preferences and then click the Apple ID icon. Select iCloud in the sidebar, which should then bring up a list of apps. Ticking the checkbox beside Keychain should enable the password manager.

5. Double Your Screen with Sidecar

Sidecar is one of the top iMac and MacBook hacks for those who need more desktop space. This feature, introduced in June 2019, lets you use a synced, compatible iPad as a second screen for your Mac. It also allows you to use your iPad as a drawing tablet or an input device, complete with the Apple pen.

To enable Sidecar, make sure both Apple devices are on the same iCloud account. Both your Mac and iPad should also have their Bluetooth, Handoff, and Wi-Fi turned on. Be sure to switch off your Mac’s and iPad’s Internet/data-sharing services, too.

To start a Sidecar session, click your Mac’s Control Center found on the upper-left of your screen. Then, click Display and select the iPad you want to use as your second screen or input device.

Start Using These Mac Hacks ASAP

As you can see, there are plenty of Mac hacks that can make your Apple devices more convenient to use. More than that, they can help you secure your digital data and even your devices themselves. So, as early as today, give these iMac and MacBook tips and tricks a well-deserved try.

Want to stay up-to-date on the latest in tech, business, or even health and fitness? Check out our numerous other informative blog posts for more tidbits of wisdom then!

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