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5 Most Common Questions About Salesforce Certifications

Salesforce certifications play a crucial part in getting most Salesforce-related jobs. Whether you want to get into Salesforce development, architecture, or consultancy, getting Salesforce certified will always give you an edge over others.

Here are five of the most common questions and answers about Salesforce certifications that you should be aware of:

  1. What Are Salesforce Certifications?

Simply put, Salesforce certifications are official stamps of approval regarding your Salesforce skills.

Similar to other fields of study, these certifications imply that you have gained a significant amount of knowledge and skills pertaining to a specific aspect of Salesforce. They can be obtained by registering for and giving a certification examination.

There are several Salesforce certifications one can obtain to attain expertise, such as Salesforce Admin Certifications, Salesforce Developer Certifications, Salesforce Consultant Certifications, and Salesforce Architect Certifications.

  1. How Much Do Salesforce Certifications Cost?

Most Salesforce Certifications would cost you a sum of $200 for the first attempt and $100 for the retake, in case you fail to clear the examination in the first go.

However, the prices for advanced certifications having multiple prerequisites can be considerably higher, the most expensive certification being that of Salesforce Technical Architect.

If you are already working in an organization and your up-skilling is going to benefit the company, it is advisable to ask the company to provide you with financial help for taking the certification examinations.

  1. What Is The Format Of The Certification Examinations?

Most certification examinations have multiple-choice questions, except a few more advanced ones. The advanced exams may require you to write detailed answers for a few questions.

In all examinations, you will be asked a combination of fact-based and scenario-based (practical) questions. There are chances of many questions having more than one answer.

However, never make the mistake of taking the exams lightly just because they have a series of multiple-choice questions. Salesforce has a reputation of asking really challenging and tricky questions to the applicants, which requires thorough preparation and complete presence of mind.

  1. How To Revise For The Certification Examinations?

Owing to the prestige and importance of Salesforce certifications, the examinations are fairly difficult to clear. It is, therefore, important to undertake a thorough revision before appearing for the exams.

You will find an array of resources online to prepare for your certification examinations, some of which include:

  • Salesforce Blogs: There are several highly informational blogs on the internet covering all major aspects of Salesforce. Some of the most reputed and commonly referred blogs are Simplilearn and Salesforce Ben.
  • Techila Academy: This is a training platform by Techila Global Services. Techila Academy has several free courses and webinars aimed at improving your knowledge regarding Salesforce.
  • Trailhead: Trailhead is a free training platform owned by Salesforce. It is an interactive platform that covers all subjects related to Salesforce right from scratch. Trailhead is known for the rewards it provides you after on completion of specific stages and the simplified manner in which it explains complicated matters.
  1. How To Give Salesforce Certification Examinations?

There are two major ways in which you can appear for your certification examination – online and offline (on-site).


Here, you are required to install temporary monitoring software on your computer and have access to an external webcam to keep a check on you while you give the exam online. You can give an online proctored exam by registering yourself on the Salesforce Webassessor Portal.

Offline (on-site)

If there is a certified Salesforce training centre near you, you can go the traditional way and appear for the exam on-site. Make sure you register yourself well in advance to obtain a date of your convenience.

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