5 fishing reels – main types and models

For good fishing, you need fishing reels – the most important part of a spinning tackle, because the success of the whole process depends on it. Before choosing, it is important to determine goals, learn about types and models. I’ll tell you about them, as well as how to take care of the gear.

What types of coils are

There are several types of reels that are ideal for different fishing methods: inertial, inertial and multiplier.

For those who fish in the current, inertial reels are perfect. The fishing line is fed in them at the speed of the current, and the bait moves naturally. Also, inertial reels are used for fishing from a vessel using a float or wiring rod. These reels are great for close-up casts.

Spinning reels are universal, so this is the most common type of fishing tackle that is in demand among fishermen of all skill levels. These reels are suitable for spinning, carp fishing, feeder fishing, when using a float rod.

Baitcasting reels are best used for saltwater fishing and trolling, although they are also suitable for freshwater spinning. There are models that help you catch big fish with heavy bait. The peculiarity of multiplier inertial reels is that they are located on top of the rod.

Salmo Taifun Two Way Multiplier Coil

The Salmo Taifun Two Way Multiplier is a lightweight and compact inertia baitcasting reel for ice fishing. Great for side rods when fishing in a plumb line, as well as for rigging rods with guides.

The body and spool of the reel are made of impact-resistant plastic, which is resistant to temperature extremes. The three-position transmission mechanism is made of brass.

There is a switch for three functions: multi-point anti-reverse, left-handed and right-handed rotation switches, and a ratchet that pains and stuns the fish.

The model is also equipped with a mechanical brake. Coil capacity – 140 / 0.18 m / mm.

  • Pros: affordable price, compactness – weight of only 78 grams, the ability to switch the side of rotation of the handle.
  • Cons: no free line rotation function.
    The Shimano Hyperloop 2500 FB is a classic spinning reel with a front friction brake. Best used for spinning fishing. Perfect for beginners: it is very convenient to use.

Shimano Hyperloop FB

This reel uses the innovative VariSpeed line laying system to help you cast your rod more accurately and far. A special balancing mechanism reduces coil vibration and ensures a smooth ride.

Reel capacity Shimano Hyperloop FB: for line – 0.20-240 / 0.25-160 / 0.30-110 m / mm, and for mono line – 6-200 / 8-140 / 10-120 m / mm.

  • Pros: it is inexpensive, it weighs a little, it is simple and convenient to use, and you can also use different types of lines.
  • Cons: slight backlash in the joints, no additional spool included.
    Daiwa Emcast Sport 5000 ab is a power spinning reel. It is powerful, fast and suitable for sport fishing.

The developers focused on strength, durability and quality. The handle and spool of the reel are made of anodized aluminum alloy. Note that the spool is the heart of the baitcasting reel. The casting of the bait depends on its design, balancing, weight and ease of rotation.

DAIWA Fishing Reels

The bow of the line is needed to grab the line after casting and direct it into the roller socket. In this model, the bow is hollow inside, and the front edge of the spool is made of hard cermet.

Daiwa Emcast Sport reel capacity: 0.35 / 410, 0.40 / 310, 0.45 / 240, 0.50 / 190 m / mm. Equipped with a front friction brake and an “endless” rotor backstop.

  • Pros: it weighs a little, is inexpensive, it is convenient to hold, and also includes a spare aluminum spool.
  • Cons: with improper and untimely care, you can notice a slight backlash – a spool gap on the axis.

If the reel got into the water or it rained while fishing, be sure to lubricate the mechanisms. The line on the spool should also be protected from UV rays.

Ryobi Excia MX 3000

For spinning fishing
The special feature of this spinning reel is its very smooth running and cross-winding, making it possible to use multifilament lines.

The model is suitable for spinning or any other fishing where precise and long casting is required. Withstands pulling force up to 6 kilograms.

The body of the rotor and the spool is made of metal, the collar of the spool and the roller of the profile on a ball bearing are coated with titanium nitride. The reel is equipped with a fine adjustment friction brake with large washers.

The handle of the reel is universal – for right and left hands. The capacity of the Ryobi Excia MX 3000: Nylon reel is 0.25-200 m / mm.

  • Pros: affordable cost, reliability, durability with timely care, as well as a universal handle.
  • Cons: only one spool included.

Mikado Airspace 1008 FD

The leader in the opinion of buyers in its class and price category is the Mikado Airspace 1008 FD reel. Manufacturers have achieved absolute reliability and rigidity of the mechanism, making the case completely metal, without graphite inserts.

The reel is designed for long-term and active use. All units are sealed as much as possible and exclude moisture and dirt from getting inside.

The reel is equipped with a frictional front brake. It is needed so that you can easily extract large fish from the reservoir with a thin line. The perforated rotor is perfectly balanced for smooth starting and long tuning travel. This gives an advantage when playing large fish on thin lines and lines.

This model also has a tubular line guide and protection against spontaneous dropping. The capacity of the Mikado Airspace 1008 FD coil is 0.17 / 180, 0.20 / 145, 0.25 / 130 m / mm.

  • Pros: Reliable, lightweight, and comes with two spare spools of the same capacity.
  • Cons: rather large handle, difficult to maintain on your own.

Which coil to choose

The Salmo Taifun Two Way Multiplier is a very lightweight, compact, impact resistant inertia baitcasting reel for ice fishing. Great for side rods when fishing in a plumb line, as well as for rigging rods with guides. It is compact, but there is no free line rotation function.

The Shimano Hyperloop 2500 FB is a classic spinning reel with a front friction brake. This reel is best used for spinning fishing. It is inexpensive, lightweight, simple and convenient to use, and you can also use different types of lines. However, there are no additional spools included. Another variant is shimano talica which comes in different sizes to tackle a variety of offshore fish from the football size tuna to the record setting class pelagic species.

The Daiwa Emcast Sport 5000 ab power spinning reel is designed for sport fishing, as well as fishing for large fish at long distances or in the sea. It is powerful, fast, durable and of high quality. However, in case of improper and untimely maintenance of the spool, you can notice a slight backlash – the spool clearance on the axis.

The Ryobi Excia MX 3000 is a reliable and versatile spinning reel. It is better to use it for spinning or other fishing where accurate and long-distance casting is needed. It is reliable, durable, inexpensive, but note that there is only one spool in the kit.

Mikado Airspace 1008 FD is a tough, reliable and durable reel with an all-metal body. The coil weighs only 204 grams. However, it has a rather large handle and is difficult to maintain on its own.

To sum up

In this article, we will talk about different types and models of fishing reels and we presented their pros and cons. Following these tips will help you to choose the option that works best for you.

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