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5 Features that make a Limo Stand out of the crowd among cars

In normal definition, a limousine is a luxury vehicle which is driven by a chauffeur. There is usually a partition separating the driver from the passengers to ensure complete privacy. A very long luxury sedan with more than four doors is known as a stretch limousine and you can find one with any limo service in Toronto. A limousine service could mean any care, but the picture we get is that of a stretch limousine when we think of the vehicle. The limo is a very different car these days and stands out as it is considered a luxury. Whenever someone uses a limo, it is to make a statement or feel special. As limos are known to be expensive, you sue on special occasions. Celebrities use it to show glitz and glamour when they are attending awards. So, it is known as a status symbol. Here are five features that make a limo very different from a normal car.

  1. Elegant and sleek

Limousines reflect elegance to anyone who sees them. The cars are high end usually and maintained extremely well. It is very much like an elegant hotel, but on wheels. There is a lot of space inside and luxury is paramount. You would have seen celebrities step out of a limo in award shows. But today you can rent a limo yourself if you so desire. These cars are sleek and there are very few cars out there that are more beautiful than a stretch limo or black sedan.  It has all the marks of a luxury car – handles and doors that seamlessly blend with exteriors stylish colours and low-profile mirrors.


  1. Attractive features for guests

The guests using a limo will love it as the features are very unique. You don’t find such in a normal car. It has modern technology that includes an entertainment and top-notch sound system. It will have cell connectivity, navigation systems and Bluetooth. There are DVD systems inside where you can watch whatever you want. You could connect your phone to the sound system and play music with surround sound. The technology used is in keeping with technological advances. There could be chrome-plated glass holders and a fully stocked bar too!


  1. Luxurious interior

The interiors of a limousine are good inside as it looks outside. There is a lot of space and plush seats inside. It has climate control features to manage the cold or heat outside. The seats are heated so that the passengers can travel in ultimate comfort. The glasses are tinted and there is a partition between the chauffeur and passengers for privacy. A Toronto limousine service can offer highly customised vehicles too if you request early enough.


  1. Accommodates multiple people

A limousine can accommodate different numbers of passengers. Some limos are perfect for two and provide enough space for cosiness and some romance as well. Some companies do have custom stretch vehicles for large numbers. A Stretch Hummer can hold up to 16 people. Other stretch sedans, depending on the model, can hold 18 people and remain low to the ground level. A classic limo can hold up to 8 people with sufficient comfort.


  1. Safe

A limousine is considered quite safe as there is always a responsible chauffeur driving it. He is licensed and the car is registered, meeting all legal requirements. You cannot speed in a limo either. The car picks you up wherever you request it and drops where you want it to. If you are drunk or if the passengers are drunk, then the driver will take care to take them home safe.

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