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5 Best WordPress Themes for Startups In 2022?

Starting an online business is a useful way to achieve financial versatility. Still, it isn’t considered as easy a task as it seems to be. According to the research, the startup’s decline ratio was estimated at around 90–95% in Q4 of 2019. But you can improve the business credibility of your brand, and you can make it to the top 10 list.

If you want to proceed ahead, you need a distinct idea, resources, and determination to fulfill your dreams. We can see that everyone spends most of their time on their mobile phones, laptops, and handheld devices. Therefore, the user needs to have an authorized and professional online presence based on their business type.

By using WordPress, you can establish your online business presence hassle-free. Without prior knowledge of WordPress theme development, coding, or technical background, everyone can use WordPress, which is a real benefit.

WordPress is used by more than 40–45% of the top 10 million websites in Q1 of 2021. So, why should you choose WordPress as your CMS? The ratio itself represents the value of adopting WordPress as your preferred CMS. For startups, no doubt, WordPress is considered the most reliable platform that caters to multiple options for branding and promoting your business, i.e., themes, plugins, extensions, add-ons, etc., which help you promote your brand to the next level.

Let’s dive into discussing the best WordPress Themes for Startups in 2022.

1. Astra


Astra is considered one of the most popular WordPress themes available globally. It is fully optimized for better performance metrics, making the speed at which your website loads incredibly fast and easy to understand.

Using Astra, you can easily customize your website via your favorite page builder plugins, including Elementor and Divi. It also comes integrated with a large collection of pre-built page templates. Therefore, you can develop almost any type of website, even if you have no experience in coding and web development. However, many Astra templates are available for those with a premium license.

2. Divi


The Divi theme is a modern and advanced theme for startup businesses, agencies, or freelancers to build an efficient and user-friendly website. You can easily drag and drop your media, and in a mere a few minutes, it starts uploading your media file onto your website.

This premium theme provides an extensive customization option that gives you complete control over the design. It’s a visual builder technology that allows you to manage color, add multiple effects and animations, edit in bulk, use a layout library, save and manage designs, inline text editing, undo and redo edits, and vice versa.

3. Arisn


Arisn is a lightweight theme for WordPress that assists you in creating top-notch quality websites at barely any time. It is also considered useful as a WooCommerce theme. You can choose from the 7 pre-defined styles with the option to build your theme using a WordPress customizer without touching any code. It also comes with 9+ pre-defined templates that set you up for usage with the Apps, Businesses, Agencies, One-Pages, personal templates, and software templates.

Using the power and essence of professional visual composing widgets developed for Arisn, you will have the freedom to build unlimited templates, i.e., one-page landing pages, blogs, portfolios, etc. If you tend to sell your products on your website, Arisn offers 100% compatibility with the WooCommerce platform.

4. Zakra


Zakra is a mesmerizing theme for startups who want to launch multilingual websites. The theme completely integrates with the translation plugin that includes Polylang and WPML. Additionally, it is designed to work with Elementor.

This lightweight WordPress theme helps you develop a fast-loading website available in multiple languages. Also, it completely supports Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) out of the box. So, you can only get some of Zakra’s default templates if you have a higher-tier premium license.

5. GeneratePress


GeneratePress is a lightweight and robust WordPress theme that offers some of the best performance metrics among the WordPress starter themes. The theme prioritizes compatibility, which means that it plays great with most plugins, including page builders.

It also works with the GenerateBlocks plugin, a custom page builder designed to work with the GeneratePress premium. With this theme, you can access a comprehensive library of page templates. Hence, if you’re passionate about developing a website manually or using the WordPress core tools, you can choose a different theme.


Final Words

Seemingly, searching for the best WordPress themes for startups can be a seamless challenge. The suitable theme for your business will depend on its niche-based categories. In several cases, it is recommended that you choose a WordPress startup theme as flexible as possible, so you’re always free to customize it as per your preferences.

Remember that the WordPress themes for startups that we’ve discussed offer free versions. Before purchasing the premium version, it would be best to try the themes mentioned above to see if they suit your business or startup venture.

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